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Pay day. See, that's what I love. You're honesty. It's right there. By the way, JR keep smiling. That's what he understood with. I'll try. I'll do my best, dude. There you go. JR, listen next week. It's super brawl two. 30 years ago from Milwaukee, Lex Luger took on sting for the WCW World title and what would be lex's last WCW match for three years, you get juice and liger versus Brian Pillman for the light heavyweight title. Yeah. I remember lager and pillman, more than any match on that card. I'm not an end up pat's a quiz on staying in legs. Yeah. I remembered liger and. Brian. The talent on this card is ridiculous. You're gonna get rude versus Ricky steamboat for the U.S. belt. You're gonna get on and Bobby Eaton. Okay? Defending the tag titles. You're getting to get Steiner's cactus versus Ron Simmons. I mean, you're sitting next to Jesse, the body. This is gonna be an epic card and lots of things I think that was a cowboy I've been watching. I think watch the book that I think watch book that card. The only thing I remember about that other the film and liger was. I forgot to pack a tie, says for you remember stuff like that on these shows. There you go. I forgot to pack a tie. And luckily there was a mall. Not nearby, and I went to that mall that morning of the show and bought me a new tie. But the little things like that, what you remember going to darely cowboys and not before and going over the card. What do you want? The thing I used to always ask Bill and I asked, this is Tony Kahn, I just asked this event. How do you want it to sound going off the air? What points do you want me to make sure I nail? As we leave the air. And cause every Booker should have a vision for the next chapter of the story that they're writing or booking, as they say in wrestling. So cowboy and I would talk about that. What do you want to do there? And sometimes he would get aggravated. At the restrictions, because the workers weren't as good as some of the workers cowboy had. In the mid south. Styles had changed. And you know, I don't know, it's just he was, but he was so smart. I learned so much from him. So, you know, I need to hear one of those gigs. I think Conrad interviewed cowboy right. Not yet, he's working on it. All he did, he hasn't. And if he has, he hasn't told me or anybody else yet, but I know it's something he's working on. Yeah, yeah. That's great. Yeah. And do it now. That's right. Watson's still sharp as a tack. And he's not getting any younger. I'm not make that terrific with Conrad. I think that would be fantastic. The three of you in the room together just talking wrestling. Unbelievable. Yeah, that gets silver.

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