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Demarco Murray, TIM, Jonathan Williams discussed on Double Coverage with Kristian Garic and T-Bob Hebert


And that's another roster spot that either you would have to chew up with a guy like demarco murray if you brought them in here or you'd have to cut him and look the free agents that are going to take a look at coming here they're gonna come in eyes wide open they're not gonna sign a contract with very little guaranteed money when they see the light at the end of the tunnel here after week four is that well i might not have a roster spot so i just i think it's kind of a boring topic to be honest but i wanted to talk about it today because i thought we got some interesting sound over the weekend and i think this is going to work tim you know we were talking during that last sound clip and the you and i are on the same page here i think what's going to happen if i'm predicting here i think alba cameras can get about twelve fifteen carries a game i think jonathan williams get about five to seven carries a game i the they'll they'll piece in hannah carry here and a carry their these other guys and that's how it's gonna work i think jonathan williams was the guy next up here you're talking about next man jonathan williams jonathan williams's from arkansas and the running backs coach he did coach at arkansas before he came to the states i think that connection actually helps them out a little bit as far as getting maybe you know the benefit of the doubt indeed second half just underway harden with twenty four points in the first half kevin durant with seventeen hard and four of six from three eight of twelve from the floor and remember this game houston gets gold save it's actually in houston because houston was the number one overall seed in the western conference this year golden state second seed six games behind the rockets we'll keep an eye on this and it's here in about ten minutes we'll talk to andrew doke wwl tv channel four we'll take a timeout own we come back title saints and we'll broach lsu baseball little bit here lsu baseball i'm curious to what tim thinks about the tigers their margin for the thumbs up i dunno margin for very very slim especially after a less than stellar weaken against alabama seth dunlap it's double coverage right here.

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