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If you're going to argue with me on this or you think this is wrong just think about marriage before you settle down marrying somebody wouldn't you want to have gone on dates with twelve different people. If you marry the first person you ever meet like maybe there. How do you know, you have no benchmark if no benchmark so an optimal stopping mathematics the general rule? It depends. There's many facets to this math. But you could just sum it up by saying twelve is a great number to try things. And if they don't work shut them down fast. I was reading an article in interview. I was also listening to by Jeff Bezos. And he was talking about how at. Amazon. They've tried many things things that have worked really well AWS Amazon web services became a whole nother business around computing, cloud computing, which you would have never thought that a bookseller would also do that. But he experimented in. And it worked another thing that failed. He had some of the hardware. Some of the not the kindle, but I forget fire or stick or something. He was talking about the things that he spent one hundred million bucks on that failed. And for sure. Amazon has tested more twelve things by the way. Amazon is really smart. They let other people sell and they just walked what sells the best. So they let other people experiment, and then they launch Amazon basic brands Jeff says is very smart. That's a whole nother talk on the advanced rules of the jungle, but just experiment with ten or twelve ideas. I told I had a talk like this at one of my call. I conferences at the Roosevelt hotel two thousand fifteen there's two people in the audience Samir and want I'm still friends with them. And I just said I was even more hardcore I said, you should test seventeen things that day they were doing e commerce. Right. So it's easier to test. You can't do seventeen different jobs day. But with ecommerce you could test cell in toothbrushes toothpaste, you can Solectron IX cells shoelaces, you can sell shoes and all this, and it took them six months of testing seventeen things a day until they stumbled upon. I think it was women's clothing or something. That they ended up making a hundred grand in one month, and they've gone on to make you know, more than their first million. But it came through the pro they tested plunder of things. And so the six roll the jungle that a lot of people struggle with is your first ideas and not going to be your best idea. Just not it's not going to be your best ideas. So be okay with going on dates with different idea and be okay with not marrying, everything you date in business and in romance. It's just a good rule. You can have twelve lives. They're going to go to jail for polygamy. Okay. We're about done. We got two more because I'm been on this treadmill for a while here starting to tired. Okay. Rule number seven. You must know what motivates you you must know what motivates you, and there's basically four things that motivate people people do not like to admit this, but they're four basic human driver's. I've run this by a lot of smart, scientists people smarter than me pretty much all agrees that this is a decent way to think about motivation. I had one person disagree. He thought there was five. But I think he's wrong and other smart people agreed with me so the four M'S of motivation. No, which of the forums of motivation. You are I was just on. I was on. Jake, Paul Logan Paul's tall podcast, and I did a little test. Then I asked him like what motivates you, and I gave them a series of questions any and he answered very honest. I was impressed. He's motivated by the fourth them, which most people won't admit to. So here's the four M'S. If you want to write them down so seventh rule of Megan across the jungle. To your first million is knowing how to motivate yourself because a Ralph's as even if you have thick skin, even if you're working on your strength. You'll eventually just kind of go, I am I doing this. Okay. So the four rules a Mon me what motivate you believe it or not they're not all money related..

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