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Kelly and his family are down 13 and nothing to Mississippi state One to one start to the season for LSU and Brian Kelly and right now going down in half where there were three point dogs at home, you said to start this game? Yeah, three point dogs at home, but they've got to win this football game or this season could get ugly because they're gonna go deep until the SEC schedule and it doesn't get easier. But other season is starting out ugly. Notre-Dame. I mean, in the words you used to rare I'm rooting for everybody black, but it feels like Marcus Freeman may be on the grand opening grand closing plan. In terms of black Twitter's coming after you for that one. I'll just say it. I mean, look, it's not on me. I want the brother to do well. I'm a Michigan fan, what the brother didn't succeed, but lord at mercy. It's not looking good. Especially after losing the Marshall in week two, they brought manti teo. He hasn't made a public appearance in ten years. Yeah, man. In order, they don't have an offense. And they're working on the second quarterback. They don't have a guy on the outside. I was just talking during the break with you. Alabama, LSU. These schools have, they got players. They got dudes. But you have to have talent on the outside and college football to take the top off of defenses or you got 5 stars and four stars just in a box. 8 of them on defense and you're not going to be in a mood football. So in order dame does not have that. Now they get out of they get out with a win today against Scotty finished the game off against Cal, right? Yeah, they beat Cal up in order dam in South Bend. So and gal played tough. Cal played real hard, but just didn't have the, but I'm sorry, man, I gotta ride with my fellow vanilla brother, man. Coach in order to date right now. I'm pulling for him. So it didn't sound like it. It didn't sound like that. I started out saying, I want him to do well. And I'm rooting for everybody black people. And then you said, but hey, look, they said what? I'm not the man who hired him, and I won't be the man in fire. So that's all I know. I wish the brothers the best of luck. Yeah. But moving on to another brother, I wish the best of luck because I got a future ticket on it for MVP. This is going to have to be the game in which this MVP campaign starts. If it happens, the dolphins and the ravens play that this weekend. They play tomorrow. And I think it's one of the most fascinating games on this schedule. Obviously, we had charge of cheese on Thursday night. But that's living life in the rearview. Let's look ahead, okay? The dolphins in the ravens, I like the ravens a lot this year. I know everybody's anointed the bills, the champions of the AFC, and the preseason. And I know the Kansas City the last four AFC championship games have been played in arrowhead. So, you know, I mean, it's a tall task, okay? However, Baltimore Ravens were the number one the number one scene in the FC, but the top of the AFC north until Lamar Jackson got hurt. No, they were actually the number one seed in the AFC. They were ahead of Tennessee. You know what? You did say that. When he got before he said that in the commercial break and I somehow have something many. But no, but then even with that, two, I don't say questionable because if they had worked, we never would have said anything about it. But two games that came down to 2.8 versions as the clock is hitting zeros. If the converted those, they would have won, right? And that's going into the season last year with the most injured thing that we've laid most injured. We've never signing running. Devonta Freeman was on this couch. They were down to their fourth running back. They had 19 men on the IR one at that point was an NFL record. See, so there you go. That just goes to show you just how damaged and broken this Baltimore Ravens team was. All that not being said, all that notwithstanding. They went down to Miami on a Thursday night game last year, the two and 7 Miami Dolphins are more large action got embarrassed that I have never seen a former MVP get embarrassed still in his prime, right? So it could have happened. Maybe it's happened maybe that there's been a former people out there 5 picks or something like that. I've never seen a former MVP in mind that I can remember get trounced just because it was the same thing. The whole time, VJ was zero blitz, zero blitz, zero blitz, zero blitz. I can give you one. I mean, because I'm a little older, you know, some of my, I remember Mike Vick. Had to go to Philly for an energy playoff game. And was coming off winning the MVP and that eagles defense, man, with javon kursa, those guys. So it's been about 20 years. Well, I mean, you had the most athletic quarterback and then for history. And then now probably who will go down as the most athletic quarterback and then players do when it's all said and done with Lamar over because he just let Mike tell it he'll tell you the same thing. But I think this game is fascinating because you had Brian Flores running that defense before. Now he's gone. They're the same defensive coordinator, but like you were talking about these speed on the outside. Well, all those guys now that played at Alabama, they play for Miami now. And I got more stuff. They played Miami plus tyreek hills. They had tons of speed on the outside. Where do you think this game is going to end up? Well, Miami is underdog. So this plus three and a half, so of course I'm going to take my dolphins with the plus three and a half, but the rave is a few things here. The ravens are playing four backup defensive backs tomorrow. They got four guys that are out. So I'm hoping the dolphins will take advantage of that with the passing game. And it should be able to with waddle and with Tariq and with Cassidy and Darren

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