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A pretty on the nose reference degrees aid in a big way the dirty dozen it kind of had that sorta or a small ragtag group electra rounded by that you have to go in complete this mission element to it and then finally had said bridge on the river kwai uh i don't necessarily want to give up in know a whole lot other than to say but on the river kwai in my top five movies 'alpine and the scale of that film and how practical they achieve all the greatness that is in that film this movie kind of paid attention to elements that and i think while they probably use a lot of cgi or a lot of effects to achieve these great visuals because it's easier um they definitely you similar representation bunch screen and i appreciated that at the bumgarner magic that somebody's trying to either this is very strange but a i saw bridge and the require when i was in seventh grade because my shop teacher while we were making a bridge out a bolsa would mehta watch bridge on the river kwai that guy had checked out like twenty years ago even make the parade show i think they just blow up the bread spoiler alert and oiler alert of rachel i should have to give us spoiler alert for bridge on the river kwai given seen it you're you're pastor time right but i will say this david lean bridge on the river kwai is one of the finest pieces of true epic film making that you'll ever see an epic in the way of saying like spartakist or cleopatra epic you know what they achieved when they built this the bridge in the jungle and and did all these things with uh trying to tell this really gripping story about pows in what they were put down it's it's an incredible lawmaking and to go back to work for the plenty of the again i felt like it was bad reference little little left on the nose of it definitely felt immediately to me like that what was by if not as on the nose of say you know the colonel kurtz type references with harrelson's character he think do you think you watch those movies i there's a kind of like a i saw this movie and i've seen observer now i'm going to go watch the other ones see that had a call because i.

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