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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman president trump is laid out new guidelines for states as they consider easing shelter in place orders there are three phases the first with the public spaces and restaurants open with people using social distancing the second phase allows schools to reopen and the third says vulnerable people could go out in public all of this is dependent on robust corona virus testing which is not currently available in most states trump now concedes that governors have the right to lift social distancing orders in their own states house Democrats are considering a new plan to allow proxy voting during the pandemic and beers Claudia chrysalis reports the measure would need to be approved by the full house Congress left for an extended recess in late March in isn't due back until may fourth during the last house meeting only a minimum number of members attended to approve the last coronavirus response build through a voice vote now lawmakers could approve a resolution allowing proxy voting during their next meeting it would allow a member to submit votes on behalf of their colleagues who can't travel back to Washington DC house rules committee chairman Jim McGovern pitch the plan the Democrats during a caucus called Congress is wrangling with alternative plans to voting in person for its next wave of relief bills accordingly Seles NPR news Washington after weeks of reporting nearly zero coronavirus cases the Chinese city of Wuhan is retroactively adding over twelve hundred deaths to the official record and peers Amy Chang reports will Han is the city first hit by the virus outbreak Chinese authorities increased the official number of coronavirus deaths in Wuhan by fifty percent after quote city wide checks and verifications what officials claim that the undercount was because some patients in the early weeks of the outbreak died in their homes without being admitted into the city's overloaded hospitals the city also said its health workers and treatment facilities were to over found to lock the actor keys count Chinese officials and medical experts have denied there was a deliberate attempt to cover up any cases but this has not used widespread suspicion in both China and abroad the number of infections and deaths reported by Wuhan underestimates the true scale of outbreak Amy Chang NPR news Beijing United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres says the corona virus pandemic is jeopardizing the lives of many of the world's children Linda Fasulo reports from New York he is urging leaders to take steps to protect the children the U. N. report says the socio economic impact of a covert nineteen pandemic could potentially be catastrophic for millions of children particularly in poor countries and hundreds of thousands of additional child deaths could occur this year where it states that the pandemic is becoming a brighter child rights crisis Linda Fasulo reporting from New York you're listening to NPR news from Washington the corona virus spread continues to widen in South Dakota after a cluster of people became infected at a Smithfield foods pork plant in Sioux falls South Dakota reports more than thirteen hundred people have tested positive for the virus the Associated Press reports more than five hundred of them either worked at the meat plant or are linked to it one workers died South Dakota governor Christie gnome has ruled out a shelter in place order for the state although Sioux falls mayor Tom ten Hagen has urged her to reconsider last evening at seven PM in New York City applause cascaded through the city for first responders and healthcare workers battling the pandemic NPR's rose Friedman reports a local radio station and a choir also organized a sing along it's become a nightly ritual people lean out of their windows they take their kids out on balconies or fire escapes some bang on pots and pans others blowing horns were simply clap.

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