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Hagar's brand new podcast. And if those you wondering where open tabs went, don't worry. It'll be back this week. It'll be up tomorrow. We, I was on vacation with my wife and my girls for two and a half weeks and I couldn't do it on the road. So it's going to be a good one. We're going to cover Rover fest, house Rover fest, halston. I had absolute time of my organ cover Rover fest. I'm gonna have my wife come in. We're going gonna cover. I don't have video for this, but I, I'm gonna cover it from my stories. We went to Universal's. We went to Disney with my dad and my mom and my daughters, and we rode the avatar ride wait for it tomorrow when we do open tabs because it is the funniest fucking story. I've got video from Rover fest will show that we'll talk about that. I started thinking, maybe I should. Maybe I should change open tabs into me going around and videotaping myself doing stuff and then showing it to commenting on it. Like, I don't know if that's going to be a better idea. But anyway, we got suffices say that I've been googling stuff for two and a half weeks, so it'll be a good open tabs. Today's podcast was Zach, bitter bitter is my marathon training coach. He's also my wellness coach. He wanted me to do this diet, but then I got a nutritionist, rival nutritionist, triathlon coach, travel on training is legit. Right now. I've been. I've been running just about every day. I've swam every other day. And right now we're focusing on food and booze. That's what I'm focused on right now. Nobu week of the triathlon. This week, maybe no booze this week starting. Now we'll we'll see at the store tonight with two shows maybe starting now, maybe maybe tonight. And then when the Marie Thomas anti Samara. So probably have a drink there. They have stuff going on. Now we'll say what. Another stuff going on later in the day for them. Now they've got some text messages, you know. Wide. You bring up anyway, Zach, bitter, you'll hear he oriented talked about going internationally, autumn marathon. I'll cover this at the very end of the read. Maybe I'll do that but Zac bitter. If you if you're familiar with him, he was on Rogan's podcast. He's an ultra marathoner. He ran a hundred miles on a track and I, I wanna say like seven minutes a mile, and he is ridiculous is insane as his wife is on his wife. He's his wife, not sure. Yeah, they're married. They lived in Wisconsin before now. Live in Arizona. I should probably I'm sure he tells people where he lives anyway. It's a great podcast. And so you'll hear about we talk about, I'll talk about this a little bit. We've got some sponsors this week, some great sponsors. It's so funny. My dad said to me this weekend, we were sitting in the law in his laundry room and he said, you know, but you should go on. You should go to four hymns. I swear to God. I swear, I swear to God. He goes, you're gonna four hymns as really goes. I on this prostate medicine and it grew on my hair back by the way. My dad didn't have a full head of hair, but he I looked at it for the first time and I was like, well, you have a head of hair like you have air. Yeah, he does have hair and I was like, get it stuff works for my prostate, but at the same stuff that they do for the hair loss stuff, you should try it. And I was like, wait, hold on, how do you know about four hymns? He was like, oh, forums, dot dot com..

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