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I have the number somewhere they've already on their measures. They've already voted to redraw their districts. I love it. And Michigan is doing a really which Michigan is a swing state and Michigan. This young woman. She led the charge for this measure, and they're going to be having four Democrats, four Republicans and five independence redrawing the districts. I love it. Just these little regular citizens, which I think we need to do. Eight. Kansas elected, its first democratic governor since nineteen seventy five. Yeah. Yeah. Beating out Chris co BAC who he champion probably one of the most restrictive voting laws in the country. Well, he'd lead president Donald Trump's voter fraud commission, which we talked about which was found nothing. Yeah. Laura. Laura kelly. Ooh, I Elaine Luria. She won in Virginia and high did phone baking for her on Monday. Part. Yeah. I got I got involved little sought out to phone banking. I I was definitely like I I was I didn't want to do it. But I was like I need to get involved phone making by friend of mine. He threw a party party. There were six of us gaze at an apartment. Calling be swing states. People knew where they're pulling station were. Yeah. Yeah. And so now I feel motivated because now I'm like, okay now, I know phone making I want to host a fun being party. You can do a swing left dot org. They.

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