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Unless he looks insanely unprepared during training camp and they don't feel comfortable putting him out there on the field but considering he was a second round pick a guy who many considered to be a first round talent. As long as these fully healthy -ocial ari is going to be on the field in playing. Because they're going to want him out there one to develop but also because he's an explosive guy that is going to create some some good opportunities for this defense. I do agree with you though chris. It's who gets on the field more between anderson and odor ningbo because both of them journeymen have have similar. Relatively similar styles skill sets but both having the opportunity to really prove them prove themselves in needing to prove themselves as that go to secondary pass. Rusher yeah and they're both basically the same size. Anderson is six to two fifty. Five ningbo is six three to fifty eight. They're almost the same age just a few months apart. They came at both came out of the twenty seventeen draft. It's going to be interesting. I think to see who really who winds up getting the the larger share of the defensive. Snap count because i think you you phrased perfectly that which edge defenders are on. The field is really going to come down to game situation. The style of defense the giants playing on that particular down. I think we will see a pretty healthy rotation out there. og lori will probably be the fixture the guy who is on the field the most but we're going to see a bunch of different guys out there both to get different skill sets on the field and to keep everybody well rested throughout the game and yeah. The crew. Trajectories of anderson in ningbo are pretty interesting. Anderson was a highly regarded player. Coming out of alabama whose drafted in the second round parmi draft in the second round of the twenty seventeen draft. Boy he never really played up to what was expected of him based on his career alabama. Yeah he has. I believe six career sacks most of which came in twenty nineteen and most of that came in one game against the philadelphia eagles owed ningbo. He was a seventh round pick and he has ten and a half career sacks but most of those again came in twenty nineteen where he had a really big season as a backup. He started every game. He was active for in twenty twenty and he wasn't able to replicate the success he had as a rotational player. So we'll be able to take that next step. Under patrick ramming the giants coaching staff. Or is he is he just best as a rotational guy. And i think that will be interesting to see. You're definitely going to be interesting to see how things work out with those two players. And i think that the other conversation we now have is who ends up being the other rotational names and faces get onto the field and as we discussed or we've already brought up. Patrick ram really does like to get as many different heads in there as possible based on certain circumstances and situations in the group right now that you see that fits into that conversation. He's zim as opening. Bow or anderson depending on who wins that job or whoever proves themselves the most but separate from to them cam brown. In ellison smith i feel depending on how comfortable they are with ellison smith because of his current development though probably try to find a way to work him onto the field maybe a little bit later on in some of these other players but he definitely has the physical traits to go out there and be competitive and just take up some space and maybe create some pressures. The bear conversation then becomes though does zimmerman as do brown get opportunities to get onto the field often because one oceans jimenez some consider him to be a cut candidate because of his lack of ability to be fully healthy and on the field. He was injured last year. Kenny stay healthy. Can you prove himself during camp can even potentially push himself into these starter conversation. Which seems like something. We've talked about for the last two years since his rookie season we've been waiting for him to ascend and take that next step. Forward camp brown is probably. I think less likely to really carve out a lot of time in this rotation. He is going to make this roster more for his effort that he provides on special teams. We saw a lot of that from cam brown last year. He busts his ads on special teams. Which is allowed him to stick around but we do know. The coaching staff has spoken very highly. On how much. He has gradually improved in the way that he finished last season and the giants are eventual very special teams centric team. That's kind of what happens when you have special teams coaches your head coach. And then you've got to career. Special teams were nader's running your special teams like they pay particular attention to that side of the game and having really good special teams. Chops is a great way to distinguish yourself on the back end of a roster and make the squad which will give you a chance to get on the field on offense or defense. Yeah depending on what. You're what you're not gonna position is so i think that does bode well for cam brown. Yep oceans jimenez. When he is healthy he is a really polished pass. Rusher he is not a particularly explosive guy. He isn't big. He isn't super strong. He isn't hyper athletic. but coming. Out of old dominion he actually had really good pass rushing technique so while he might never be a an explosive. Big sacked number rusher. He's a guy you can. As long as he's healthy feel comfortable having out there like he's going to be disciplined in in run defense. He's going to provide some pressure as a pass rusher and for a rotational guy a backup..

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