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So far no significant spike in covert cases in the state comas Nick Pompom reports. Overall case rates have actually dropped over the last week, he talked with King County executive Dow Constantine. We can do it. Let's just have people getting tired, and they're getting none, because even as the state is seeing smaller case rates as a whole, places like Pierce County are seeing averages that are still well over 400. I think this is just a reminder for everyone that until everyone gets a vaccine, regardless of fewer cases or hospitalizations, it can change in an instant. If we let our guard down, we've got to keep that out. Right now. The light is at the end of the tunnel keep of supporting each other and one of the requirements for areas to move on to phase two. Is to be able to get a 10% decrease in their case rate and we'll see how long it will take for the Puget Sound region, which is King Pierce in Snohomish County to be able to move on to phase two. Nick Bottom. Come on. Here's health care managers across the country continued to fight disinformation and conspiracy theories about the Corona virus vaccines in Ohio 60% of nursing home workers have opted out of being vaccinated. Reporter Walter Smith Randolph in Cincinnati tells us what health officials there are going to get more people to roll up their sleeves. Greg Miller run seven facilities as vice president of the health Care Management group. I did receive the vaccine last week, and my arm was sore like quickly shot, and then the next day it was completely fine. Relating his experience with his staff and residents about 90% of those residents are taking the vaccine, but only about half of the staff. It just depends sort of on various amounts of clover that have been in your building so some buildings that have had more cases in the building the staff see What's happening to the if their co workers how contagious it is and how easy it is to get, Miller says. There's some misinformation and skepticism floating around. So he and other health leaders are hosting Webinars to educate staff members and you hear about the person who got it and then passed out. Well, then you find out what they passed out because they were scared of needles and Completely unrelated to the vaccine. So just like any vaccine or anything, you get your flu shot, and some people have a reaction to it. Pete Van Runkle, executive director of the Ohio Healthcare Association, recently expressed the same concern. There's all of these weird things of microchips and things like that, which is all craziness, but, you know, some people think that that is true and S so we have to deal with that. Miller says he thinks more staff members will take the shot when more doses are delivered to the old high school game. That's a minimize it, but you know you go first. If your arm doesn't fall off up, I'll be the next one him, and he's reminding people that life can go back to normal until there's some immunity. The mask wearing in the social distancing is the bridge to the vaccine, not the vaccine's here. That's the bridge toe. Returning to normal. On the Seahawks a tough loss in the playoffs yesterday, but unfortunately, Lumen field was not filled with fans because of ongoing cove in 19 restrictions. Como's Suzanne phone reports, local businesses are not benefiting. From the big game yesterday at third Culture barista Jeremy Springsteen is seeing lots of Seahawks gear out there. Definitely in.

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