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Have sneaky big news coming out of pittsburgh. This is bad and it. Serious steelers superstar linebacker. Tj what is declining to practice. This has been getting very little attention. He's been sitting out since the start of camp wants to contract the steelers having given him one and it's almost impossible to quantify just how good this guy is. He comes off a season in which he led the league with fifteen sacks he had the best pass rush win rate sport meaning. He beat his blocker within two and a half seconds. So he's a superstar. This is a guy. many people are being. It'd be the defensive. Mvp and jeff. Can you explain because again. This is not getting as much attention as i think it should be. Exactly what it is going on there will let me explain why to you just mentioned. Tj watt has been sitting out. he actually hasn't and that's what makes this. Such a weird scenario. Is that because of the fines that players face for a holdout now mandated by the players or not sitting in essentially so he's been going through practices in individual drills but then sitting out team drills and there was sort of. I think there's lingering expectation that that would change once the regular season arrived. It hasn't now mike. Tomlin is scheduled to address the media today. Maybe we'll get some more clarity on what it would take if the team perhaps plans to suit them up anyway on sunday even though he's in team but no doubt a fascinating situation with this added layer the steelers on the fact. They do new deals with players during the regular season. So this doesn't get done before sunday. We're in new territory when it comes to the pittsburgh steelers and negotiations with players.

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