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Hey Denise thank you for waiting Sir thank you for taking time space in the morning and I listen to the show up all the time and I appreciate your telling and inject the land for him while he's out yeah well we're happy to to help so how can I help you well I've got a lot of areas that I can't reach my garden hose or water on a regular basis so I can give it some supplemental water occasionally I'm looking for some blaming fall blooming flowers and I walked around and it's like cashews amok rose I see black days yes you Greg Smith flower and I don't see much of anything else and I'm looking not gonna rain really popping up maybe after a good sign. well yeah and also you could be seeing gave feather right now I was up near soleil though doing some consulting work couple days ago and saw the gay feathers up there in the. Bardera checks leave which is you know not necessarily where you see on that. okay feather you could even maybe find one in the nursery in full bloom and those are just like the worst oil. you know beautiful for fall but also could not live without a white mist flower bush I do have one of those that have not started blooming yet yeah I do something for it to help the start of this thing kidney woods women right now if you want to kind of this large shrubs small tree of let's see what else is going on sunflower or the cal pin daisy serval imminently set the wild flower center. yellow bells are still blooming like crazy to have one of them. I do have one of those and it has not done really well so I am. we need to. well I wonder why. probably the location it gets a lot of sign it doesn't get very much water and it it just may be the location and I don't get anything helpful now meeting or anything like that. yeah if you can't water that's of you know that's a problem and even getting anything establish this time of year of since it's so dry this was just in a bone dry right now. it might not be the the best year for you to add plants unless you and of you know give him a little bit of water well I and I am thinking long term so I'm not looking at adding anything right now okay I'm planning on going okay the faces bear I sing with the drought has done here so I need to do something else I do have a couple of Mexican oregano those that are just barely hanging on and I do that a lot of that stuff will not watering the plants that I was gonna suggest nexus mix in oregano how about these German under have you got any of that I do and I think it went to the line and all the leaves fell off they're just starting to come back I give it a little bit of water they're starting to come back well you know obviously this is just a brutal brutal year I hope we don't have any for this of my lifetime but we probably will I think I think I'm gonna also suggests that as I go through this this website the wildflowers dot org one thing you can do is go in there and look for. plants that are native to your county and stuff then and they'll give you a list you can even say how tall you want him to be and you know said a lot of parameters and they'll give you a plant list of this you know fantastic so I don't know exactly what kind of soul you have there in my Land land okay so you know that's going to be that's going to be hard you're going to do you know things like grasses yeah you know that was prairie so but a lot of wild flowers will work out there on that was a topic I was gonna try to talk about today to is is planning wild flower seeds so when you should be able to give fall Astor going on you should you know should be able to have some color out there. well I I I love every year I see the pictures of the word back yet the culture moved back yet hi that like four five times and they died every time you never come back and I I feel I'm not doing that right or else the soils probably the soil yeah I don't know that they'll take that clay I think you know I'd be looking at doing some raised beds you know just even if their heat up with some you know rocks around the edges to kind of get him up out of that you might have better luck the niece all right all right well I appreciate you okay one thank you for calling bye bye thank you bye. okay five one two eight three six zero five ninety let's go up to four could. Hey Anthony how you doing. I'm doing good how you doing today. I have a question about my Burr oak it's about twenty feet high and I mean it's like ten fifteen years old or twenty years old and I'm looking around the area and the same girl has like they're still a degree of political ledges green mind being to be like going to fall is that something I need to be worried about yeah me too I water it yeah I think that's probably the key every once in awhile even an older tree I have noticed so many dead trees of lately because this is just you know been so hard on tricked treason even the I was just driving down three sixty this morning noticing that the flame leave soon macs are dying and that is just one of the most drought resistant plants there is but this big Burr oak wilt I would do a very good deep watering on it. and you can take a of you know sprinkler that sprays out horizontally old fashioned hose and sprinkler and and move it you know around the drip line under the tree and let it soak I mean let it soak and then and then you know you don't have to worry about it so much because I mean it is going to go dormant I doubt if it'll die but I don't want to take any chances there on an investment like that yeah it's the initiative blocks the heat of the day at five and then five in the evening so. yeah I think a lot of damage if the but it's not and so I just want to make sure hello so I did what I thought you just what's our water any right now and just leave it there leave a reply yeah let it go for you know an hour and then move it lego for an hour and then move it because you gotta get deep down there and if you've got heavy Malta under there a it takes awhile for the mulch to it for it to penetrate penetrate through the mall chin down into the soul so what you're you're you need to get you know that soul wed a good you know five inches deep and that's going to take awhile I mean you know go ahead do this all the time but if we don't get any rain you don't lose that tree no I do not yeah okay so that's all right well thank you very much your assignment Mr can I will I will get that on I'll do that right now all right Sir thank thanks for calling yeah the. I mean I don't even know what to say there's there's just so much alarming. three death that I'm seeing that some of these trees were planted. gosh just in the last two years and one of the development on Spicewood springs road that I go by every day and they did such a nice job landscaping this building and blah blah blah and then they just let the dead come in these trees were oaks a day planner red oaks I think they are of that they planted and they were already you know twelve feet tall so they were not cheap trees and they just bloom off one guy they're totally brown drives me crazy all right five one two eight three six zero five nine or toll free eight seven seven five ninety fifty five twenty five again I'm sure on the cloth one I'm filling in for Tom you normally hear me on Sunday mornings the Austin gardener at ten AM. but I am you know helping out as I said earlier. helping out Ellen in in getting to know this hour and the people that listen to it because it's not you know it's new to me so input is welcome if there are things that Tom usually talks about that I'm not getting on feel free to call in give me some input on that and are things you would like to talk about my two topics for today will actually have three topics one is wild flower planting and this is kind of where I started out and I wanted to go there a lot more because this is the time we start planting wildflowers in early October in which is up on us this coming week and you can plan up to like thanksgiving or something and I've I've known people to plan even further beyond that but. optimally you plant in in October and early November and you gotta get your blue bonnets and you gotta get your Indian paintbrush and and you got to get your flocks and those are the three that must over winter as rosettes and the rest of all the stuff in the mixes that Corey ops is the Galardi is the this that and the other most all of that stuff done germinate till spring anyway so I wouldn't worry too much about getting the whole mix and I mean if you do those other seeds are gonna lay there until next spring which is fine but your blue bonnets your Indian paintbrush and the the flocks need to over winter right time for the news I lane I'll take you first.

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