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Should never said it was into anyway. Here. Here's the thing. I think it's great. I mean, I applaud Suzy for coming up with this. I think it's a great idea. And it touches on something that I think is bugging all of us, which is that we do feel like we are completely tied to our phones, especially as parents you feel like I couldn't possibly put it down yet. People parented for many many years phones somehow kept track of their children eleven years ago. Used to write out notes for the babysitter of what restaurant absolutely with every phone number. And sometimes they called you. They did. Yeah. I was there was a restaurant called the White House in golden valley. Yeah, we were there for dinner with other people, and I got a call. They came over and said, are you harmony? And I said, yes. Well, your babysitter is on the phone. She thought somebody was looking in the window or they know, but she thought they would did you run? Yeah. Dinner forgotten ran, right? So yes, I mean you prove that there was nobody looking in the window. I I can't I can tell you what her name was her. Name was Nancy Sadowski. I'm sure Nancy really appreciate. Yeah. Give did you pay her? Well, I hope that in those days. Anyway, so many years ago, we probably paid her fifty cents. I applaud status now for trying to highlight this conversation and address it I think getting people to like add. I mean, you're you're asking people to like it's changing behavior. It's will people make that switch and start using. But I haven't increasing number of friends who will use apps that now put on like when they're driving. I'll get a message. That says I'm not available. I'm driving. You know, a good one that's a real. So maybe maybe. Well, anyway, it became available in late March on Android and I o s and it is free yet. They may enhance it later. I'm going to tell one other quick thing because you took all night. Twitter you can now. Well, okay. But you can now at images video and gifts to the re tweets and quoted tweets, so the company is just rolling this new feature out and it isn't on desktop yet. But it's on all the mobile websites. And so this has been apparently a little confusing because adding media to re tweet it works like you'd expect tap vote re tweet with comment option, and then you can choose the image that you want to put on it's a small addition. They say, but it was actually quite difficult to design it because they have find out a way to to make sense of it. So it wouldn't be overwhelming. When you've you the timelines of what they did is they did the layout. So that there are two large tweets. So there were two large tweet stacked on top of each other to solve that problem. They put the original tweet in a smaller in dented box. And then they make. It makes your own media for with. So I mean, if this is important to add pictures to your tweets. Yeah. Now, you can do it. I mean God forbid you should send a tweet without a pick. Yeah. I don't really I mean, I ready send pictures. Well. I just tell our twit. Okay. Twitter told me. All right. I'll send it in an app. Okay..

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