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Of the election to newspapers claim a former Justice Department official work with Trump to pressure Georgia officials and cast doubts on the election. Schumer wants the DOJ inspector general to open an investigation. About a half dozen Democratic senators want the ethics committee to investigate Republicans Ted Cruz and Josh Holly for their roles before the capital right on January. 6, Minnesota's Tina Smith and six others say the senators from Missouri in Texas violated the chambers. Ethics rules. Smith said. The path forward has to start with accountability The National Guard is sending home or troops from Washington, D. C. Matt Matt Johnson has more CBS News reports. The guard says some 15,000 of its members will be sent home from the nation's capital in the coming days after working Inauguration Day, According to the National Guard. Approximately 26,000 members served in DC the day President Biden was sworn in. Less than half of those members remain on duty on that Madison Federal officials are considering not charging everyone connected to the January 6 Capitol attack. The Washington Post reports. There were concerns Over whether the courthouses can accommodate the large number of cases connected to the riot. There are also concerns about whether to charge those who on Lee walked around the building and then left and in New York City Man may be barking up the wrong tree. A pest control professional is going to jail after refusing to return his former companies, dog 37 year old Berry, Myrick and his wife have housed and taking care of Roxy, a bedbug sniffing pit bull. For four years, the company paid the food and veterans issue condos PROGRESSIVE TALK 20 a, M. W. CPT with those friends and online W C P T a 20 calm where facts matter. Well, we're back and we are pleased to welcome back a regular guest of our show. Gentlemen who is always informed and informative. Always a great pleasure to talk to him. Please welcome to back on the beat Ed younger, the director of public policy and communication for the Illinois A CEO you, ed, Welcome back. Well, thank you that it's great to be back with you. Well on a on a brand new day. Right? I don't know about you, but I've been sleeping better. I've been doing a little dance. You know, every now and then a little pep in my spec, you know? Hey, exactly. It's been a It's been a good week. And, you know, I think I think I just I mean again. The end of the Trump Administration has been, you know such a pleasure to see, but But in addition to that, you know, quite candidly. Just the you know to see some of the policies begin to roll out in terms of You know? Efforts to, you know, certainly efforts to, uh, limit the number of, you know, limit the number of A deportations. You know the end of the Muslim ban. I think one of the strikes against you know those heinous policies that we've seen have really been just, you know, a remarkable thing to see and something that certainly been welcomed for You know for many of us, so it's you know, and and, frankly, I think something that you'll appreciate. Dick is a Z. I was telling a couple of my colleagues, you know this week that it was so fascinating to see the day that the administration wanted to roll out its, uh, its efforts around the vaccine. They just is a communications person. You know they had the president speed. They they they they been signed orders and policies which they released to the public. Then they then they brought out Dr Fauci into the you know, into the briefing room to actually talk to the reporters. It was like That's actually how you do it. You know that Zatz the way you do this big and the fact that it's the thing that was completely normal. Seems so abnormal was really I thought, quite telling and quite enjoyable in its own way. I just thought that was so delightful. I talked about it earlier. I mean, that is felt she comes to the briefing room and talks about how liberating it is to be able to speak his mind and not not be faced with contradicting the president. Just Yeah. I mean, that just says it all. You know, just says it all. It really did. It Turns out facts matter, you know it was a wonderful thing to see in that way And in that moment, and um one of my colleagues actually observed to be that G. She she said. You know, she said, name. It's just my, you know, imagination, but he looks like he's 20 years younger. Then he was a few months I'll get right and you know if I can just saying like I desist, there's lots of work ahead. There's lots of work to do. But, you know, then to see you know the story that broke last night with the way in which the former president You know was going toe literally, You know, engage in a Saturday night or in this case problem Sunday night, Mass secure in order to use the power of the government. Try to overturn an election it look first of all again. You read that story, and it's shocking in every way, shape and form. I mean, the fact that they had like an apprentice style showdown. Apparently, what was just just mind blowing Um, But then at the end of that, you know, I guess like the end of that, I just kept thinking to myself. You know you when I read it, It's like, Oh, you don't have to worry about that happening in this administration, and I think you know that back to the part of it, which worked for for me, um, has been comforting and probably has been the best part of the week..

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