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Whole as they can Megan Rapinoe was meeting with senator Murray that is Kamel's Nick pop on reporting all of Washington democratic house members are calling for impeachment inquiry into president trump today represent is Kim Schreier Susan dell Benny Derek Kilmer and Denny heck all call for an inquiry today Washington senator Patty Murray also released a statement saying she do agrees with our fellow lawmakers that impeachment proceeding should begin she says it has become clear that the house should begin proceedings to determine whether the president's actions necessitate impeachment an urgent investigation is under way to figure out how a three year old boy died in Normandy park police were called to his home around five last night they tried CPR but sadly he died the circumstances of the boy's death are raising concerns and now several agencies are investigating the boys of the mother's boyfriend was arrested but on unrelated charges a Seattle man was seriously injured after a light rail pedestrian accident last night at Rainier beach station the forty three year old man was taken to Harborview after first responders removed him from underneath the front bumper and wheels of the southbound train at least twenty one people have been hit by a light rail train either accidentally or deliberately and it's ten years of operation and the search continues right now for a man Seattle police a ram to put police patrol car best to get a looking for Gustavo Martinez he's also wanted for felony domestic violence police spotted him in the mount Baker neighborhood and try to stop them and there's one officer officers say Martinez intentionally ran the police car and took off he was driving a maroon Honda accord if you see him you are asked to call nine one one and the decorum of fire department is investigating a house fire broke out last night around eleven thirty and the MontaVista area in the six hundred block of south eighty eight street they got it knocked down pretty quickly and took care some of those hot spots one person was hurt thousands of people lined the streets of downtown Seattle for the torch light parade last night and with them came a huge police presence come was Tammy which also reports.

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