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That's the best they can do. They're in bad shape is kind of a hail Mary pass. So the law is that a foreign national can't make a contribution of value. It can't give something of value to a campaign. I actually think publishing the emails, the hacked emails that was actually more thing of value than the hacking itself because da. Donald Trump seeing your. He brought those hack e mails up all the time. It's clear that they help the campaign and again, that's what a foreign national cannot do. Violates the campaign financing boss, Paul Butler. We are always a little more insightful, and I think a little clear on this stuff after you walk us through it, Lord knows a lot of different legal filings flying around. Thank you so much. Are twenty five days go until the mid terms and things are getting weird. We've got the ads you need to see and the guests to break it down and just thirty seconds. From celebrities to Russian rockets to even Bigfoot. The midterms are coming and candidates are doing anything to get attention blasting the airwaves and some of them are getting downright weird. So we're going to bring in some of our weirdest friends comedian Chuck nice, actually co hosted on the view who let you do that. Liz plank is back here and we're going to start right, and you guys on the tight house race in Minnesota, where Bigfoot is actually searching for congressman Paulsen. Take a look. And I was good at hiding. Air pulse and comes along. How can you have tens of thousands of people looking for you all the time and not one of them find you. I started to augur. Deter Paulsen, early exist, most likely place to find him. He's big pharmaceutical company, vigil proof. So take it from me. Erik Paulsen really exists. Good, very into well, done well done. It's very clever. The problem is I never really ped- foot for a conspiracy theorist and to be honest, I don't believe him. I don't think the congressman exists dad's weird. I think for a couple of reasons, you make a very important point. They're trying to say that here's an incumbent, who's you know down with special interest. Right? But it's big foot who is pushing the conspiracy? Yes. Yeah. And to be honest, hey, listen, I get what they were doing. It was from a comedy standpoint. I think it's okay from political standpoint. I'm not sure. I'm not sure if you're not sure they landed. I'm not sure landed because you're the pumpkin, big interest, right? Or special interests thing that we hear all of the time. It's talking point that's heard from both sides, honestly. And this is an original way depend how regional it is. All right. Samuel l. Jackson on kitty litter duty in basically new ad. This democrat, Angie, Craig also Minnesota. This isn't just a kitty commode. This is Angie Craig's kiddie KOMO with the midterms only days away Angie's busy on the campaign trail twenty four, seven, making sure the people in our district. No, she's going to fight for them, which is why I near scooping out bits of kitty treasure for her. It's really important that Angie win. So the Democrats can take back the house and I'd do anything to help..

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