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That you that you want to stump for i'd love manchester by the city yeah that would how in my favorite movie and it's in the last year so i love the this a little older but i love football all things oj related from last year both the documentary but from _e_s_p_n and the effect show love that thought the epic show was actually much better than the documentary really well only because i follow that i boldin up to a fall that day to day in the documentary was very well done but the at that show gave me stuff that i didn't perceive hurt attacked i tried to watch the clip show and i just couldn't get over be actors who are chosen to play the character yeah just didn't do it for me it was other the travolta i thought the acting like could make the was gonna get injured or looked nothing like oj simpson that was that was a little problematic but it's funny if you if you if you despise oj simpson which you have every right to don't not watch up because of oj simpson because given getting junior does not have a huge role in the show compared to to the lawrence trout than and all the other players that the tied in to that real life soap opera i'd have to throw a now the alain a for ranted to me is one of the greatest writers that i've read in not in my lifetime and i like this guy to be spelled bank their hernia part the novels read a couple the others now is one of the those are some of the best books a read into town six it and i guess revenue michael oher so i think everyone in this room would like it it sort of applies to what we do in it's kind of like oh we're pretty um us to moneyball in a weird way that very good i will throw this in i'm watching the young pope on its piano oh you know it is i feel like every once in a while you wish you could you find a show or movie you wish you were attached to in some level the production and understood how they made it i think it is one of the best shows.

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