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But you can't stop himself because he just is so outraged by this injustice and this this hurt that's been perpetrated against this person Helen Helen who he obviously cares a lot for I get the impression he kind of like loves her like a daughter by the end of the book and that is such a a brave thing for him to do and King deals. It deals a lot in abuse in particular domestic violence against women. Dan and he's never afraid to show it be really terrible and show people being incredibly upset about it and that is you know. That's the reaction they should have. And Ralph is His his voice in this is very powerful. I think and his sacrifice for for Natalie just makes the character even more of a powerful presence in this story because he's clearly nearing the end of his life funeral. Anyone who is over seventy year always kind of like Oh boy you know. We've hit that spot where you're not really sure how much time someone has left in the fact that Ralph has sort of been given this second life so to speak by serving this purpose. I think is something that makes him feel like a younger character than he is by the end especially when he makes that sacrificed for Natalie right and that set up so well so well okay like the setup for it where he refuses to choose. He refuses to choose between saving the little boy that this is all about out and saving his surrogate granddaughter and daughter is just kind of casually tossed off like it's just mentioned like Oh so the promise the agreement and then it's a you know the final scenes of the book and it is like it comes back acteal like whole damn. That's right. What's what was the promise? What were the details of this promise because it never really goes into it? It's you know it said that. Atra roasted going to cause an accident for Natalie. But how they're going to stop. That is never mentioned at that time. We don't find that out until the very end and and that it was like a even though I read this book a couple times. There was this dawning realization of what was what was coming and it was like. Oh Oh my heart. 'cause I felt like froth sacrificed a lot man. If he should get more than like five or six years you you really do feel for his character at the end and yours stole grateful for sort of this time he was was able to have even though you know. We're just the readers of the story and I really just like how his character arc went from from start to finish. I didn't see any real flaws with that part of the story and like I said a lot of the reason. I didn't like like this as much as you did was. Because of the elements that I just didn't have enough knowledge about you understand better and I feel like with fantasy compound to happen because at least with something like you know Harry Potter. A lot of it was just completely made up. which is wizards words? And you know. Obviously there's a lot of Lord behind those things and same goes for Lord of the Rings. I felt like the stories themselves. Were just a little easier for me to understand Dan and obviously one being kid series of books plenty of adults like them and Lord of the rings being something a little deeper than that. Those are sort part of the main two that I am familiar with an honestly I have not read all of the Lord of the rings books so a lot of what I know comes from the movies which maybe isn't the best place to get all of my information from Oto. They're very good. I've read the Lord of the Rings Series Like Seven Times until I've read the Hano the movies the hop it is great but the Lord of the rings the Three Fellowship. Two hours in return of the king are really dense. And they're amazing seizing but they are not for everyone starting to see a theme of tower here in fantasy. Yes yes there's lots of towers and fantasy novels. There's a tower castles. Yes lots of castles. Lots of keeps Yeah I think there is a lot of I don't know what's the word tropes. That's the word tropes in fantasy like towers that King kind of taps into this book book a little bit. Yeah if you don't have that pre knowledge I think this one is definitely one where he doesn't do a lot of hand holding in usually in his books. He's a little more doc explanatory and in this one I think he kind of just throws you into it and says figure it out if more in the shadows in comparison Harrison to a lot of the other things he's written as far as the dark tower goes but it was definitely interesting to kind of think through this after the fact and be like. Okay I kinda see where this went. I think I ended up giving this a three out of five overall which isn't horrible. It's just it wasn't one of my favorite things because because I didn't understand it right off the bat so is there anything else you want to bring up before we go. I did one talk about dairy. Just a little bit and like okay. What what was it like for you going back to dairy because I think this is the first book since it that set in dairy and that we really on picture of it and since dairy it's such a a big part of it you know it's a character in and of itself out? Did you feel going back. and seeing essentially the the ramifications of what the end of it is or what the the ending of it brings. I was kind of nervous because like I said I didn't know if there were going to be more connections beyond bringing up Mike Hanlin a few times names and if you know something weird was going to happen in there were like remnants of pennywise still which I think would have been interesting in a sense because then it it would mean. The story wasn't completely over and given how much people love that story. I'm surprised Kingdon. Do something along those lines but just to see the town in how it's not in the best of shape. It's kind of like you know not to the extent of the aftermath of carry Gary but maybe to the extent of the aftermath of needful things for castlerock. That's kind of what it felt like to me. It's like okay. This town just had this major. The thing happen and it's going to take a long long time for it to get back to normal if it ever does yes. That's how I felt too. It's like the the needful things comparison that was totally how I felt like. Oh this is you know. It's picking up the pieces and there's not very many pieces left you know it's kind of trying to like cold water in a sieve. Almost and I just I really liked that. He said it dairy. Because of if you've read it you have all this history behind it and you know what Ralph has experienced at least a little bit. 'cause seventy I was trying to figure out how old would he have been during Penny wise because I think he would have lived through at least two cool. Pennywise yes and so yeah because I believe it ended in like eighty five and before that it was like fifty eight so he he would have definitely been alive for both of these given that this came out in ninety four he would have been you know in his twenties. I believe in fifty fifty eight and then twenty seven years later closer to his fifties give or take right and so that means you probably wasn't right in the path of pennywise but I do think it would have meant that he was maybe alive for the The big massacre that happens in the middle of the street so I thought that was. It's really interesting to kind of think back about what would these people's lives have been like and they talk about playing on knee built street. Yeah in the old train yard and it was just. It was so many interesting little recalls. There is the mentioned With ed deep nose ring. That feels like it's been invested with all all this poisonous energy that falls into the sewers and he has this line about like it wasn't found for a long time but things that go into the sewers and dairy. We have an unpleasant way of coming back or something like that and it was like ooh Chill Ana. Yeah yeah I thought that was just a another layer of interesting background that we get this other. This glimpse of dairy without it like you said directly tying into pennywise it gives us a good sense of what what the town has become like. And you don't need to know or have read it before reading this necessarily just to get the sense that this town has been went through a lot and I liked that. He makes that obvious in this. Because it's hard when you have so many different connections in the Stephen King Universe. I believe I've showed you that crazy poster where it's just like lines going to every single thing and you're just like this is way too many connections actions to keep up with an. I know one of my goals with this podcast was to read through everything chronologically and sort of see what I could see reading everything so closely together because like I said for anyone who is following his career from the start they had much longer waits between books. I'm basically just doing doing one right after the other. There are very few times during this process where I have not been reading I king book so it's just kind of like one after the other so even though I feel like in some ways that might be a little bit of a hindrance just because I have to go through them so quickly I mean I don't have to I'm choosing to but it's one of those things where it's interesting what I've caught onto and what I've maybe missed with some of the connections. Yeah Yeah you gives you an interesting perspective love and that's something. That probably aren't a whole lot of people who have it. who were living at as it happened? You know I'm sure they're not more than a few people who owe new king book out after read it given how much money he's made. And how many books he sold. There's multiple multiple people who've done that yes but to catch every single boat and read every single one and the same order. That's a that is a feet or two rather catch every single king related products. Because you're not just reading the books. You're watching yeah most of the movies. Those children are the corns are. We've brushed those off now. I have one more and then I'm done. Yes what more than I'm done with those by It's one of those things where there's just so much volume that there are some people who don't like fantasy so they aren't going to read the dark tower series but the read these other books not realizing they tie in with the dark tower and I know some people who like fantasy. But don't Mike Horror so they only read the dark tower books so I think king offers this flexibility where you don't have to like everything. He does to be a fan of some of his writing right right. He makes he tries to. I'm sure it's not. He tries to like the stories that come to him can be for everyone or you can just read something like you know. The Green Mile like the Green Mile.

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