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That keeps on giving? They I mean just relentlessly brilliant. Come on, hit us with Montaigne quite well. She took up. She defeated Monica, Seles six, two, six, one in eight become the youngest ever world number one and She said why should I be worried about the future right now? Almost everything is perfect. As she felt unbeatable, Hingis, said well I am. And An and there's also the famous one where around that time, just having this so-called rivalry with an iconic over, and it's the one you know what you think of your rivalry with her. And she said what rivalry I win all the matches. None of these statements off factually inaccurate. They it's. Is this a Swiss thing to do you know? Federal does this and as always done? This doesn't any he gets away with it more than. More I mean I didn't maybe Monte anxious to get away with at the time, but she. Reputation as being. An arrogant Brat, didn't she? But maybe maybe this is what they're teaching. The kids in Switzerland's. Of any sort of modesty of full smarter state it's just. This is just how I see it I. I mean my personal favorite I. Think is the fact that this this was all taking place when tiger woods was was breaking through and winning his first masters, and and she was having a similar kind of season and she was getting. I guess she was getting compared to him, and she said it's all the time tiger. Woods Tiger Woods. I'm better than he is I've been on top longer and I am younger. I mean again at the time. Though those statements are not factually inaccurate. They have aged while. She. She is indeed younger than torture. Seriously what did take away was done in ninety-seven. Match when away from the Grand Slam? Let's forget no, I mean tiger. Woods won the masters by twelve strokes and. Forty four million people watching golf, and there was the symbolic black man winning the masters, this kind of elitist placing golf. Yeah, but he he older matte. All all of that is insignificant, compared to the fact that he was. Well I mean. In one thousand, nine, hundred seven. Maybe hinges did win more but. Yeah I mean tiger. Woods was revolutionizing the sport and hanging. Is I'm just better. than. The. which is less possible to objectively? That one but I mean. Tiger Woods obviously went onto, have the sustained success and the consistency and. Martina Hingis didn't and I. Wonder If if I'm not sure how go F- literate. You were at the time David Bit. If he'd been, he'd been asked at the time, he's going to have the most sustained career out to the to what you might have thought we'll see much given. It's difficult to say because I. Do I remember what in that Masters Woods? One and it was. People don't win. Major Championships by twelve shots certainly. When they're just starting, I it just doesn't happen. And he would, he was leaving fields behind the years, although that particular essential memory went to the open and didn't didn't fare very well that particularly. But anyway. What would have thought like? I thought Martina Hingis would dominate the sport for years to come there was she was so young to be sixteen seventeen, already playing at that level, and just frankly taking the mick out of opponent, she was making opponents. Look silly. She was that good. The the idea, she wouldn't win Wimbledon again after ninety-seven would have seemed absolutely ridiculous to me at least, and that's why I never really know. How to talk about Martina, Hingis and away as well. I think she an interesting case. He's kind of a little bit of an island because you wouldn't call her. Probably a cautionary tale, because she didn't to go off the rials or have the struggles that other young talents had and yet she didn't have this sustained career, either. She sort of she sort of sits in her own little place you know, and and she's also got these three distinct phases of her career when she had a couple of comebacks, but I think when you go back to this area that we're talking about late nineties early noughties. She was just this confluence of talent, aptitude and achievement, and she stood out for all of those reasons. and. She was a crazy crazy perfectionist wasn't sharing in the final. We've just shit that Wimbledon. One thousand nine hundred, in fact, all of the the Multi Martina Hingis much is that we've we've relived she. She does a petulant racket bounce at. What is essentially a forced error because she's annoyed that she didn't make it and produce a perfect winner from an impossible position, she is so good at tennis and so aware of how good she it tennis. Anything below perfection seems to disgust her. Which is amazing here she does give the most wonderful reactions that have howling time to even just raises of eyebrows and just sort of. Can we play another sport now? Winning this one so easily you're right, and and actually to me watching. It didn't advertise may I loved just loved watching at the time her ability particularly with backhand. Just put it on any part of the core that she so chose it was just she was easy. For what a skill to I mean I don't even I never even thought that about federal the. That I thought. This sports too easy for him. He had incredible skill set, but AENGUS was the nonchalance would which he would do it all and it wound people up I mean she was? She was almost kind of mocking opponents with with how easily she was based in them. She was the top seed at Wimbledon that year as Matt said having taken over the the number, one spot in March of ninety-seven Monica, Seles was the second seat, cheered lost in the third round to sandrine, tested and Yana Nevada was the third seed, and of course. The final was between Hingis and Nevada. Can you remember David first and third seeds but of Nevada having? reached. A Wimbledon final before with the fall greater experience, I think she was twenty seven. At that time he was the favorite going in wh-what odds with bud. Collins told us that they each had. I mean he would have been a comfortable favors. She was the best player in the world by FAW and just making mincemeat out of the role. People hadn't forgotten Novotna's struggle. She was the sentimental favorite. I mean people wanted Novotna to win no question about it and when she wins the first set six two. It really does look on because he has been out of sorts in that first set. But. She just controls things if she's playing well, even though Novotna went up a break in the third set. I didn't see coming radio I. Remember watching the match and I we expected. Hingis to just decode even grass court problems that Nevada Post. Because Higgins had such poise balanced time, she had time on every shot. It all seems so straightforward to. It's kind of composure. When behind to know that her game will eventually..

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