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Next update with Steve hall at ten thirty. I'm Chris tranquil. beck. We are so thrilled that you are joining us today. We are so thrilled that you are here. Beginning today right now, the blaze and crtv have come together, and we have joined our voices into what is called blaze media. So if you're a subscriber of crtv, you now get everything else that we had if you're a subscriber of the blaze, you now get everything that crtv has and we're coming together under one banner called blaze TV, and we are thrilled really truly thrilled to be joined by some of the best voices. But I just I want you to know what blaze media is plays media is a is a collection of voices that answer to themselves. They're all independent thinkers, and it is a what I hope to be an ever growing platform for the entire spectrum on the American right now. It's important that people understand what the American right is the American right is. Based on the sanctity the power and the dignity of the individual and a rejection of the socialist collective that is found in the American left and the European right? That's who's coming together. And we're thrilled. And one of my old comrades when I was at FOX. Eric Bolling is joining us now how how you doing Eric. Good morning gliding. Great to be back with you. I woke up why we got news. I see my phone was popping and Mike. Oh, wow. Okay. Gotcha. So you were. Thank you, very much and congratulations to you as well. The when you were in town. I don't know if you weeks ago you sat down and you said clan. We just have to get together. All of us just have to come together at it took everything I always bit my tongue in half to not tell you where we're going to hear. We're going to I know. That was. I visited your studio is just amazing location all that going on. And it just struck me as if we could combine forces, and who knows maybe other people will join us as well. Yeah. We'll be we'll be the go to place for conservative talk on TV, and and all of the media ways. Yeah. I agree. So Eric first of all thank you for coming on today. And thanks for joining we're gonna talk to a lot of the hosts for the what was crtv now. Blaze TV, the this week and thrilled heavy on and your podcast. We're cutting into a show that will air I think on Thursday at five o'clock, but I wanted to talk to you a little bit about Donald Trump and the border and also his G twenty summit. So can we start with the border? I I read a several stories today about how the the people on the border are. Turning back the Mexicans have. I think it's an eighty percent disapproval rating of these people who broke into their country and tried to get into ours. It's really turned sour. It's turn nasty down there. And they're starting to go back. It looks like it. Maybe maybe it looks like it's beginning to be over which I think is a gigantic win for America. And a gigantic win for Donald Trump. Glenn be. I remember we're leading up to the election, and and deter van was making its way, and we all knew on the right that this is clearly going to be attached to find out. How successful they were taking this caravan newsroom. There'd be you know, caravan two three and four right behind it. And then ultimately, it would just be a freeway. So we we knew him the right and the left media was saying, oh, but they're still thousand miles away or they're still, you know, twenty days away, it'll be past the election and had nothing to do with. You never being really ridiculous. I remember Stelter going on anyone who talks about the caravan should put a map up in choice where they are. And I should've Stelter on Twitter. I took you out of your mind. It's not where they are what they what they intend to do. Once they get here. And that was like a little bit of their deflection. Well, thank God for from doing what he did have border saying they're not coming across. They're not coming over. Now. There's a video circulated. Why can't remember the group that it was at? That literally the Tijuana and walked up and down. It was either our Horowitz who was was epic epic times. Okay. All right. The literally when it was a three minute video, and you do not see a woman or child in his video at all yet. Reuters. She's the one picture of a tear gas canister flying past the woman holding two kids in diapers diapers. And that was their symbol of what we're what was really going on. This was a male young male dominated caravan that was looking for financial asylum, not political asylum. We talked about this ad nauseam. But here's the good news. The good news is as it dissipates the rest of Central American this a wall, basically says Donald Trump means business at the border. So don't try and come through here. Don't try and come through our borders as a way to infiltrate the United States for a better economic conditions. That is the message that I got these these the the interview that I saw today they interviewed a lot of the people who came up in this quote, unquote, caravan, by the way, we should ask Brian Stelter and everyone else. Yeah, they were so far away. How did they get to the border? So quickly. Who paid for those buses something that we know? But they will never expose won't even saying because you're a racist. If you say, you're a anti-semite. Yes, I know maybe. Yes, I still remained on from unspoken. The case in the shadows. So the message that I'm seeing in print today are the messages that say, basically, we were told this was going to be easy. We were told that America would accept us. We were told just come and that was a lie that message going back into even Mexico and central and South America is really important because it will stop people who want to exploit those who really do have troubles even economic. It'll stop that people say that's not even true. Don't listen to those guys. But it also sends a message that for the first time I think maybe since Eisenhower that we are serious about the border. I think you're right. And and we we forget that there are a lot of our Republican presidents that were offering forms of amnesty for. Reagan. Absolutely George Bush was never really rough on the border when you're right. A hundred percent. But if this be if the, you know, the litmus has became where the or the judge has to adjudicate on whether or not people were would be offered a better economic lifestyle here in America. Then then they're six billion people that would be here that never could have been the reason by the fact that and again, we've all talked about this a hundred times, but they showed their hands the caravan when they didn't stop Mexico because they were no longer in fear of their lives when they were their home country, and they're actually given an opportunity to at least make their case in Mexico. They didn't want that didn't stop there. They needed to get to our border and here from the other end of a tear gas canister. So guess is not racist. We use that to control crowds right here in the United States against anyone without any sort of bias, it also all these other left. Peace say. We'll they were instructed used tear-gas because Trump to must be a racist against the Latin Americans. Rely teams are Spanish steps in inner cities, they control crowds. I will just say this for anybody who might have said that they should look at history because four years prior to the day four years prior to the tear gas canister. There was another uprising at the border at the same location under Barack Obama tear gas was launched also pepper balls and tasers. So my think Donald Trump was restrained and the other staff that everyone should know is that under Barack Obama tear gas was launched sixteen hundred times to stop people from coming over the borders. When it comes to when it comes to Donald Trump Eric talking to Eric Bolling, host of America, which has Eric right in it. Yeah. That's right. So Eric Bolling who is from crtv, which is now part of blaze TV. Eric, I call balls and strikes on Donald Trump's some things like some things. I don't like for instance, the border, really good. I gotta give him credit on the Jim Acosta thing when the Jim Acosta thing happened. You know, I think Donald Trump is a hot head and says a lot of things that is like, okay that wasn't necessary might feel good might be funny, not necessarily, not helpful. But when it came to Jim Acosta, I watched that exchange, and I saw a restrained president he was like, well, thank you for informing of well you and I have a disagreement on this. But after the dust all settled, there was no one in the media that played except for the right media that played the audio of Jim Acosta, everything he said to the president during that exchange was wrong was proven wrong. Once they got to the border. How well how let me let me dismantles will find your ball. Striking the president are. That's when American John wasn't as you. Absolutely. Should be doing what you're doing. I disagree. A lot of them. I think his grossness or his Holger at times. You know, especially in the in the president's office annoys a lot of people got him elected. I don't think I agree with that conservative conservative in the White House unless it was someone different. I don't think Jeb Bush would have beat them out. Behar constantly be helping. There's anyone on that stage inside that would it be Hillary Clinton for someone new like Donald Trump's, and you gotta take some of the bad with the good as far as the cost of this is important that that was handle salt. Well, and I will tell you why that Bill shine was only about five or six months into the job. When when this this kind of heated up with CNN, and the cost that was handled the way it was because of Bill shine, though is certain amount of presidential restraint in that whole intercourse and look at it came out, very well. At the end, a Costco is was sat down back into his his highchair in the front row. The or the briefing room Sarah Sanders, fielded questions civility returned to the briefing room because of shine Bill shine is probably the best influence on President Trump I've ever seen. I've mean this guy's gonna be. I personally think now now, you know, let's be honest. He's a friend of mine I've known him for fifteen shine fifteen. In years. I've known Donald Trump. And I think I think Donald Trump will be well, well served the American people be well served if shine were to rise to the ranks of chief of staff at some point. But I think you saw that media interaction with costs tone down or or the, you know, the bomb defuse because Bill Shawn's influence on him. So I think that's where that was headed. And yeah, but, but, but it wasn't that the cost of was wrong in that instance. No, always wrong. They just they just nit picking the president to pieces just whatever he says, they'll go the other way, and no better evidence than if you go back over history and video you can see you can see Bill Clinton saying, we should be closing our borders down, you your Brock Obama sandwich. Closer borders down. You can even hear Nancy Pelosi saying, we should take no more illegal. So I mean, it's just it wasn't. There wasn't a policy issue. It was Donald Trump, and they need to go the other way. Eric Bolling, a friend that we worked together at Fox News,.

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