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Three AM so just be careful there couple of full closures Westminster the four oh five north closed balsa until five AM in Maryland with the fifteen south is close at lime and I but they do have a center divider lane open for you to squeeze by fifteen north the left lane is closed before limelight and then in the east LA entertains I'm seeing some slowing there on the ten east it appears to me that they're closing down the sixty east transition so if that is the case stay to the left on the ten east coming out of the fashion district and then go out through east LA and to take the ten east to where we need to go I know that you probably use that short cut on the sixties to get that saying Gabriel Valley but just use the ten and also in a corona they've cleared this crash on the eastbound side of the ninety one Green River Road three vehicle crashes been removed from the right fast track laying off of the freeway and in Santa Ana on the northbound side of the five and seventeen street they remove that ice chest from the right lane and also in the Santa Monica on the ten east of the north bound for all five transition there still that to disable car that stuck at the end of the transition road and looks like things may be yeah it's it's over to the right shoulder not just a little bit of slowing that supports coming up at one oh five I'm just hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio and right now we're looking at temperatures Westminster fifty five thousand oaks fifty one at twelve fifty seven right now when you come in and switch to T. mobile you get the amazing iPhone eleven pro on us iPhone ten EST rated aren't these mountains majestic joke are you even.

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