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Probably one of our most downloaded cases of all time. And you know what. I actually think that it's probably up there in the world of downloads. Because of your music not necessarily the look. It's a it's a gross disgusting horrific letter that serial killer. Joseph metheny wrote we were. I remembered pound serial killer five hundred pound serial killers what we called him. And that's because that's about. The cause is a fat ass. Well he you know he was a bigger guy when he got arrested for his crimes but he grew he continued to grow and expand while in prison and he seemed to have a good time in prison enjoying writing letters and becoming pen pals with people on the outside and that was just one of his many many letters he was only convicted of two murders suspected of several more and he claims he's one of these dudes ee lies about large portions of his life right and so he claims to have killed several more people than just too but he was a a monster that It's one of those chicken or egg situations right where you go okay. The drugs that he became addicted to they do this to him or was he already evil before he started down that path and of course one. We'll never know but before he passed away in two thousand seventeen he was pretty close. If not over the five hundred pound mark in. If you want to see you think that trailer scary the words that he says there. If you wanna google picture of joseph metheny there's some scary pictures say that and you know he's he just. It's hard to say that even looks Fat he just kind of a big dude. He looks on human right. isn't even look to be human. But yeah you're right. This was one of our more downloaded episodes. And i think a lot of it was. I mean look. That's good music there at the beginning of after but people don't know what the music sounds like before the download the episode. I think but i think he's a title. I found sierra killer. How can you pass that up. That's true you have to be you have to be a psychopathic serial killer to pass up that title so maybe from now on every title is just the weight of one hundred eighty five pounds here. He'll kill the convicted person and in followed by serial killer. Maybe that's what we do. We're trying to have a successful show after this conversation. Everybody's thinking to themselves. If they can do it. Why can't i well. You know what i. I'm thinking the same thing. Yeah hey hey. I a great idea. We should start a podcast and by the way we've had a lot of bourbon so yeah please. Please forgive us with god. It's angels n. vietnam. Which was one that was recommended to us by bob rough and i thought it was angels and the that makes this is what happens. All right. couple shout outs before we forget to do them. The bar you and be run. Jennifer in raleigh north carolina in the captain and krispy. Colonel love north carolina in the me of buffy in lake. Charles see this is what's weird about the the beer shoutouts right when somebody is from a city you say that they are in right so and so is in but when the city name is lake to say that they're in the lake that racism questions right so we say buffy from lake charles louisiana. Hey buffy you'll find yourself and you blew my mind. Hey buffy hopefully on the shores of lake. Charles yeah given. The tan is so frigging hot outside as humid. You go outside. it's thick. it is thick humid. all right so are we. To number one numero on all. Is that where we find ourselves. That i don't know. Why are we find ourselves. Where do you find yourself. Where do you find yourself if somebody told me Five years ago that we would have hit five hundred episodes. I would've said now not gonna happen. I was said maybe two hundred three hundred once we reached the fifty mark two hundred seemed obtainable. Yeah five hundred still seemed very well out of reach question for you then. Do you think we can do. You think we'll hit another five hundred so one of my favorite numbers. And i hate to be that weird guy but i've had enough bourbon that i can versus three now. One of my favorite numbers is nine nine. Nine nine hundred ninety nine so i would like to get to that point. Do you stop at that weird number or do you go two thousand stop at that. No i might stop halfway through that episode. Oh just get up at like you know you know that part where we come back from the from the commercial in the captain goes all right and we're back cheers everybody stealer. You'll hear what's cheers and walk out the garage the out to say and they never saw the crime. I don't know. But i know they're never solve the crime all right. Here's our number one..

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