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Drew Brees was tied at three for Nice Start on this latest drive. He goes by for six. Thank you very much for 74 years, and that touchdown past he finds Jarod Cook for six yards away. Extra point is good. The Saints now lead a 17 to 70 the Las Vegas Raiders with 5 22 to play in the second quarter part of Monday night Football. You mentioned his soft tissue injuries and how having these kind of changes will affect players, and I mentioned Daniel Jones in the New York Giants. Daniel Lawsky, ESPN analyst talked about that he said, Yeah, John's not gonna be any good. But now you have say Quan Barclay now can just completely play coverage and dare Daniel Jones in the giant to try to be patient enough with a back of running back and And not good blocking off pensive line, And so now you're quarterback is kind of gonna have to play the rest of the season with one hand tied behind its back. The same rule applies to the San Francisco 40 Niners. As good as they've been on defense. They're going to have to play left handed. Their linebackers are still good. But the reason line bags were really good, because those four dudes of front kept them clean. The Salma Thompson in the world, the Millers of the World, and also Nick Bolsa. Now Those guys are gonna have to try to play above their head. You know what happens when it happens? And that means you You wanted not doing your job. You're trying to somebody else's job. Daniel don't have to worry about that. With the Giants, The 40 Niners defense specials. Linebackers are really gonna have to do that without those dudes out front. If the Niners are bringing in Ziggy answer right now former first round pick Hey, had his career got off to a rough Rocky started due to injuries. So now the irony, right he's coming in to fill in for injuries. Devonta Freeman on board is the Giants were talking to him. About replacing sake one. You're going to the scrapheap man who's on the street. Who wants a job right now, because it's all a lot of availability coming out of week two and how healthy mentally and physically are they going to be on such short notice? What is the Carson Wentz problem? When it comes to the Eagles? We'll talk about that. Next on Friday, Fitzsimmons Easy and Fitz Simmons on Freddie Coleman, and this is ESPN radio. Coming up Tuesday..

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