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AM 1400 The Patriot John MacCulloch show and I don't know if you noticed it, Tucker Carlson. Has been on a real rant. Recently. He has been talking about. How the Democrats really can't run this country. Because they hate it. And I decided to take a look at what's going on in our state. To see if there was anything going on there. That was worthy of mentioning And it turns out there is It comes from our wonderful Office of the Governor, governor Wittmer She says. Governor Whitmer does That she's not going to be bullied. Into moving In other words. Opening up for business. Before it's too late. She's already backed off a couple of deadlines that she Wanted to see met. And Wait there. When anybody talks about a phased in Reestablishment of anything in government. I get nervous. And I think you should do And she has come out with the set. Of Restrictions. That are probably going to go into effect yet this week. That were obviously written by some have done like this state very much. Or that doesn't know very much about it. Are you ready for another month of this? Garbage. Let me know 100 923 93 85. It's 809 to 3. Couple of you. D take a I don't I don't understand. How we got This little bully. Into the statehouse. If somebody had come to me and said Please come up with a campaign idea or two. It'll work on getting this person elected. I am rarely without a thought. On any subject. In this case, I would have been Does having looked at her record. Talk to her for five minutes. I would have said, You know what? That Don't think that's a good idea. I didn't do that. And nobody came to me. So The state is now going to continue to monitor What is going on? Regarding the shutdown. Of Michigan. And Michigan's not going to be opened up. Until she's ready. Until she's ready. Until they tell her That it's safe enough. To go to work or go back to work. And She Governor. Once. Phased in Reengagement. Of our economy. What Is how the economy grew. To the power that it wass. Is that how we got where we are? My phasing things in and Phasing things out. She's saying will not having enough bars and not being able to serve meals inside. That's going to break our state. Well, no. Probably not specifically. But I would suggest Madam governor. That you go live with one of your constituents. For two days or so. And see what they're going through. With this shutdown order. Because what some people may think is easy. Is not Now we've made her mad. We've made her angry. We've got our little bully in the State House. Now, what are we going to do? To get her to leave our state alone. And I don't have an answer to that question. I know that, she has said. This is a quote. If we have to move back, we're going to Well, there has to be something there. That makes it advantageous. The governor Wittner. Or.

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