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My life to disrupt to calls me vibe higher And to start to start learning to to be grateful and appreciative even in the even in the mice to irritating and frustrating moments like most people would be pulling their hair out having to wait an hour on a call. Yeah I was in the first hour. I wasn't after that I was fine. That's a gift. That's a gift to be able to buy a higher in the face of something like that for sure for sure. Any words to wrap up Matt. It's been great being on the show. David I'm always a pleasure to talk with stream and I think you know what the the message I am. Taking with me today and for and for this week is kind of person. Do I want to be at the end of this? I should start being that person now and start training to be the person I want to be when the reset is. Because that's the way we're going to create. The future is by starting to live day to day. Good very wise words and you obviously a time master. That's always always Lynn. Yeah well that's what we do in the mastery group. We're always learning and teaching each other. It's a mastermind of how we're continuing to co creating this amazing practice that that gives us these tools and it's not about a life of perfection but it's a pretty pretty nice way to live life so I'll take this opportunity to thank you for being on you'll be returned to and thank everybody for listing. I appreciate you also very much on this day. I'M GONNA stay..

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