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Guess Try for it on fourth and goal from the two. They ran up the middle on first down second down third down through to the corner back on. But he threw it poorly and vacuum dropped it. It was too wide. He couldn't make the catch and now it's down the clock down to one second and they called a time out before they got a delay of game. I don't know if they're gonNA go for it. Now they're time out. So anyway, what happened was the lightning got a delay of game power play off of tapes. Again is secondly a game in the game and they couldn't score and here's the deal. They literally I mean they might but they have not even come close to scoring Dave literally outshot owners like four to one, but they cannot score a goal on this guy. Varlamov e owns them and he's just eating it. He's just eating the park every time and they can't score on him. No matter what power play five doesn't matter what it is and you can just feel it coming. You can feel it coming I'd be surprised if the islanders don't score scorned win this game there's three minutes left. And then one way or the other I just feel like they're gonNA score and they're going to be on am seven, and then at that point I think the is GonNa win because they're so far messing with the lightning these last two games it's not even funny and you can just smell it coming like I duNno I'm watching a game of total domination where the islanders are doing everything right and the lightning are doing nothing right and Vassilev Skis just on his heels he's barely Megan saves one of them got behind him and it was literally on a goal line and it didn't go in now I just got a switch back to the. Football Games still an time out apparently. But I'm just not sensing anything like I. I hope I'm wrong and they because they deserve they've had a million shots and they just can't score. I mean. They are literally remember the last game they lost in double overtime due to one. This is the same thing this the same game deja-vu. To twenty two laughed. I think they're going to call a time out or something here. But all I know is they just can't score. They're completely shut down by the islanders and the environment. They have figured out the lightning the lightning can't score. So you better get a goal are they gonNA lose this series because if they go to seven Mavi, they'll lose in southern. L.. Ready that they've been. Yeah. Like you said, they had the history of choking all these guys the same guys that have been there and it would just write that narrative especially the fact that they had control this I mean this has been a complete different series last two games and I know they've had their chances and they had a ton of shots in this game. It's not like they're just laying down and dying or anything but all of a sudden involves gotten hot shutting them down and they just can't seem to find the net anymore. So their fourth and goal from the two. I don't know if this is a good decision because it's a close game, it's twenty one thirteen why not get the points and go up twenty, four thirteen instead of because you've already had three place. You've already had three Bab light so you're over three now. Oh, so what they did was they went for it I missed it. So they went for and failed. So now the bengals the ball at the one inch line. So obviously, that's what happened. They stopped him because I was watching the hockey game. So I turned it on Bengals have the ball first and ten from literally their goal line. So they obviously stopped the browns. Did I not just say they're not gonNA score kick the points. Kicked, because you're not going to score, you're already L. for three. You got you couldn't get one yard. Now you go for like at some point don't you realize you're not gonna get it in because you're your plays have been. So bunk that you just got a kick, the field goal instead they went failed and now the bengals the ball and it's twenty, one, hundred, thirteen I'm telling you. That was a bad decision Mafia. If your first down, you run it up the middle, don't Gimme our second down rounded up the middle you lose a yard now third and goal from the to you throw it out Beckham Wide Boom you're offered three. You're GonNa go far again on fourth down. Probably not. But then again, you really trust kickers right now in the NFL doesn't matter how much the distance is about just anybody to put the ball and get it through the uprights that it's literally from the two yard line. So it's a twenty four yard field goal. So yeah. I think they can make a twenty four year started going dirty three and on then got problems. But a twenty, four yards like the old feel like the old extra point. It's so close. It's not even funny I mean he's pro kickers from twenty four yards. That's a joke when you start talking about thirty, three, forty, forty, five, fifty, fifty, five yards then you got problems but I don't think most of a missing twenty, four yarder. I really don't not even I mean it would have been at the two yard line seven, yards bag, nine, nine, thousand, nine, yarder it would have been a nineteen yard field goal. I would have kicked at the points because to close right now you're within one score at least then it makes a to score gave and gives you a little bit of breathing room just in case his team tested for a quick td somewhere. And obviously I, hate to be right but they failed and they didn't try it and they went for it on fourth and they failed just like I knew they would I didn't even see the game I was watching the hockey game I turn it back they get the ball one inch line that means they stopped them. So they can go for the extra point because if they would've. Gone to the extra point, it would have been I. intend to twenty-five right row online.

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