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Get strong consideration for coach of the year but more importantly good luck in the playoffs no thanks for having me dan good to speak with you that's brett brown these sixers head coach so they went from ten wins two fifty two wins in two years i know we don't get caught up in coach of the year too much i think quin snyder he's probably gonna win it but i would give strong consideration what brett brown did if he won i don't think anybody's gonna object to that there's a few coaches who deserve real recognition there but i think quin snyder and utah what they've done surprise to a whole lot of people but you know philadelphia and the process and they got healthy and bringing along mark helpful and look i know what coach is doing coach probably heard the interview we had with the reporter from philly dot com yesterday where you know we were told that marquel folds had the ups and the last thing he wants his that brought up again and i know that but i had to ask that because there's something else that's there there just is and if it's the yips you know we re talking about did he really have an injury to his shoulder i i was told he had a cortisone shot in his shoulder now that's not a severe injury but how did we get to the point where did when did they know that he had an issue with his shoulder how are they treated it and how much of an impact has that had on his jump shot because i don't if you look at the triple double i don't know if he hits a jumper like out of fifteen feet or eighteen feet i i don't even know that so i've got a point guard in a backup point guard who have no outside game whatsoever see an athlete having a small injury trying to make an adjustment to deal with that injury and making it worse exacerbating it like he's got a small shoulder and he said it feels better if i shoot like this and then everything goes outta whack seem to happen with golfers they adjusted they have a small back injury and it makes everything worse but what tiger was doing this to adjusting pitchers will do this to where you.

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