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Thirty one degrees cleared good morning wctc news time is eleven o'clock i'm raquel williams officials at issued a ten thousand dollars reward in the case of a father who was gunned down in front of his wife an eight year old son and have it on monday night in irving ten outside of his apartment as the man was parking his car robbers demanded money shot twenty nine year old markel ankle markelle uba in the head when he told them he didn't have any money concern is growing over a patterson woman who may have been abducted in front of her apartment complex more now from sara lee kessler should naive coalies eyeglasses of blood were found in a parking lot at her patterson apartment complex tuesday night her car gone her dead willie says he doesn't know what to say to should i as threeyearold son virtually whereas moore's menard wrote lawyers of the 24yearold was on her way to work as a nurse this aid when she disappeared police have issued an alert for dark colored 2013 nissan altima with a license plate are 74 hr acts sara lee kessler nbc news radio new jersey many new jersey lawmakers want to pass comprehensive drone regulations are pushing a bill that would make it a crime to operate a drone while drunk or under the influence of drugs it would also be a crime to use a drone to endanger people property wildlife prison security or interfere with first responders it jersey transit the long island railroad in metro north they're all banning alcohol untrained during this weekend's santa con event empty police officers will be on duty at penn station grand central end on trains to crack down on partier police say they will be at the ready to confiscate alcoholic beverages handout tickets or arrest folks are being orderly our verse dose.

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