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Fire thirty chief brand Finnessey says this simple helps order evacuations only in the areas where the virus had it not to mention being able to move the the resources that we have at hand into those areas where the fires going to impact first instead of spreading them across a large area the data is refreshed every fifteen minutes at the joint forces training base Corbin Carson KFI news the British Supreme Court has ruled prime minister Boris Johnson acted unlawfully by advising the queen to suspend parliament because it had the effect of frustrating preventing the ability of parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification the court is declared Johnson suspension of parliament void meaning parliament is still in session the court found Johnson was trying to silence debate on his plans for handling brexit Johnson says he strongly disagrees with the ruling but well respected speaker of the house of Commons has called on lawmakers to reconvene tomorrow Boris Johnson is a New York this week for the United Nations General Assembly and the V. P. has broken a tradition more than a hundred years old vice president pence paid a visit to Mackinac Island Michigan and picked up a lot of people there hence rolled his way to a hotel Saturday in an eighty S. U. V. motorcade a problem making all island is one of a handful of places across the U. S. that does not allow automobiles a complete ban of cars on the island was put in place in nineteen oh one after businessman Earl see Anthony took a car there and injured some horses and damaged several carriages fun fact Earl see Anthony was the founder of KFI in nineteen twenty two and only till his death in nineteen sixty one Michael crozier Hey a fine you let's check.

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