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Take place Anthem which was produced ahead of Time by Chloe and Halle. Good, good anthem very strong. So if you missed it the second they want to talk over it there if you missed it. They recorded it from the field either earlier in the day or in a different time and then played. It's so is pre produced anthem, which I don't think I've ever seen before. Not just that. It wasn't even the field at Kansas City. I was wondering about believe it wass the eye. It looked like and I may be wrong here, but it looked like the Memorial Coliseum, which would make sense because I'm sure that's where those singers are based out of. So I fly them in the Casey. So there is a pandemic reasoning for that, But I wonder if we'll see more than of like a pre produce anthem anyway. Hey, The Texans did not take the field for the anthem. There was at least one chief that now that was surprised. I expected more kneeling Alex Okafor. Was taken. In the end, he had supporters around him to Shawn Watson, the quarterback for the Texans talking about why they weren't on the fields for the leadership of this team we wanted It's trying to separate the anthems. You know, we respect military spec America and respect. Everything you know the NFL want to do but for you know, we didn't want any confusions are any negative flashback on guys? Million? You know, standing for one and Miller for others, so We decided it's all boarded a sustained, signed come out and do moments out, So when they came out, they were boo. Now they could have been booed because they're Texans, the visiting team, Or maybe some people are upset that they weren't out there because we should mention there were how many 1000 fans last night number 17,000. They were pretty loud at they were, and L. Michael's made a point of saying, Hey, this is not this is the really crowd noise. We're not putting in any fake crowd noise tonight. The bigger story of the pre game was this. Gentlemen, Please join us in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country. So both teams came together. They stood in a long line, locked arms and.

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