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Wailer boys and girls. This is tim ferriss. And welcome to another episode of the tim. Ferriss show this special episode features. Dr mark plotkin. He is a very popular guest. He's back by popular demand on many levels mark. You can find them at doc mark. Plotkin pilo t. k. i n. On twitter is an ethnobotanist who serves as president of the amazon conservation. Team or act. Act done a lot of work with act. They've partnered with roughly eighty tribes in south america predominantly to map and improve management and protection of roughly one hundred million acres of ancestral reinforced. His best under the general public as the author of the book. Tales of a shaman's apprentice. Which is one of the. Most popular books ever written about the rainforest. His most recent book is the amazon subtitle. What everyone needs to know and you can find my first interview with mark where recover his bio his amazing amazing resume his adventures with richard schultz with indigenous tribes. Everything he's learned from western science and the various compounds. He has firsthand experience. Using at teamed up lug slash mark plotkin. He's also host of the plants of the gods podcast through what you can learn about everything. Hallucinogenic snuffs to the diverse formulations of qra. Each episode basically covers a given plant qra by. The way doesn't just relax the muscles of the body and lead to fixation. If used for hunting for instance it also led to modern anesthesia in many senses. So there's a lot to to check out plants at the gods. Today's episode focuses on how animals use medicinal plants and it has some wild stories related to what we can learn and what we can use from the behaviors of cows. Penguins picks frogs and everything in between. There's a lot of hidden wisdom in nature and this particular audio is both from chapter in mark's book titled medicine quest subtitle in search of nature's healing secrets. I read the book. I loved it and i asked mark if he'd be willing to record this chapter audio to share with you all so he made some updates made some tweaks. He agreed and here. We are so thaw that said. Please enjoy this. Upset is brought to you by block. Five block is building a bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial and wealth management products..

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