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This was a really good movie oh it's wonderful it's about manager who takes on leeds united in 19th zagla senior michael xinhua relented coal mean is in it timothy spall jim broadbent and it's just super i'm not even a huge soccer fan or football premier league soccer football fan but this movie was shown us one gal needed shifty moves us great good that's a good one so there you go nifty there you go so now closing lines i walked past a methodist church this week and on the board were the list their services the had a long time ago in a gallo the far i all those wacky methodist i galilee on our way as good well there it you know it's in the culture right that's good very sweetness owner that well i'm going to go back to our friend mr marion just say sit back have a hot buttered rahman madaha it's pretty good i'm going to go back to the ir wars and just say in my worst george vader impersonation you part of the rebel lines did a traitor go back and watched that movie kids that his grid vext week it's all post all the time with and warned today of the posts we'll see what happens who loved the pope's yes.

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