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The split expressway. North bound is looking good right into Boston. Lower end of 93 1 28. No backups or delays between Braintree in the Turnpike. David's, too Droney WBZ is traffic on the threes. AccuWeather's Danielle Middle has the four day forecast. What we do have a wind advisory that will be in effect through the first part of tonight will have showers in a thunderstorm. Working their way through the area this evening. We do with the watch for some localized damaging winds with any storm with winds possibly gusting in excess of 50 to 60 Paul's an hour. It'll stay windy later tonight with clearing low 45 tomorrow, a windy and colder day with some sunshine highest 50 to 55, but it'll feel like it's in the thirties, much of the day with the wind. Clear in Chile for tomorrow night Low 37 for Tuesday Clouds and some son the chance to see a shower heist 45 to 50 than turning colder Wednesday despite sunshine Hines 35 to 40, a Mackie weather meteorologist. Danielle Middle WBZ, Boston's news radio. Just minutes from Boston. Quincy, the city of presidents welcomes you with socially distance arms to shop locally, more than ever. Our small businesses will rely on us to shop small this holiday season, so explore shop stay and dine in Quincy. Go to discover Quincy. Calm to plan your visit. It is 47 degrees in Danvers, 50 and Milton 48. Cloudy over Boston at 4 55 Ready or not, the holiday season is approaching, and we could all use a little extra cheer this winter. Some families in Massachusetts apparently getting an early start on buying Christmas. Another holiday decorations. WBZ TV is Paul Burton has more at the Home Depot.

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