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People. Don't i'm back return. Return took a robot out man every time every time. You don't wanna move. The show's oh he's still another. He was trying to extend it longer. What's going to happen. Got pleased to being at top of that today. People i am dry. Escort coleman over here. All the juiciest of hermit christopher juicy herman how you doing i'm doing well how are you. I'm doing great man. Doing great great like i said you guys doing that trivia show. Lets me go out and take care of things that i need to do errands. The grocery shop got take some nelson close off nice. Yes right get close close at a though they were the wrong closing fit on the part of the service and he sent me the wrong clothes and i was gonna keep them. Yeah yeah put my big sized my mom size thirteen foot in a size nine. You ain't cinderella. no no. I said though she shoes back there were busted at the flop. It was like this when i got. I don't know why i'm sitting in the back. That service shoe was broken. people walk into a big crumbs. I am drives core. Coleman crisper juicer and this is the video game discussion show on double toasted along with a little bit a variety. Of course but of course it would it. Would anything else would be uncivilized. Indubitably dead got you know people how you doing people good to have you hit today and let me see. I know you guys. You guys do hype trains around. Not when the since the other show is on. But if you do then we'll tell you what's going to be on the show today but we'll wait a little bit wait a little bit and then we'll tell you we'll see train gonna happen. I doubt it because Sure coit took all the money i get a little trim. A little trent nice all right being a tribute today very good. We had johnson striker on. Who sounds like an eighty at action star. He got the popular nineties cartoon topic news. Ninety nineties kid. He's a millennial like me got every question wrong. Got dragging no he was he was like. I don't think i'm going to do very well. But we weren't mkhori bought and i were trying to like pop up a little bit. You know. get a spirits up and he was like. Yeah okay. I got it and then after question. Should it just it just the yells but he was used greg guests. He's a renaissance man out. Good things going form Plays the bass has pan. John gyles together nice place. i mean. he's a winner. No matter what. And then i was the other guest ninety where. I'm a millennial. I know my tunes and you lost your laws bad allow. It was forgotten nineties cartoons and i got five out of six of them. I y one all the regular questions and it was interesting. Only eileen actually new to them. And i just guessed on the last three. I got him each really house. What was going on. Because i get in a little bit early you guys. Yeah but yeah yeah. Tormentor ship was being thrown around up here. And everything freaking out. He was not happy about just guessing all those answers correctly but But yeah now. It was great great. Thank you but i did..

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