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They hadn't defended the willow. Oh Yeah Perimeter Russell. Westbrook led the rockets to a thrilling comeback. Win over the clippers behind his game high. I forty points last night. James Harden chipped in with twenty eight and get this one every Houston starter double digits. George dropped thirty. Four quieted twenty. Five but the clippers still came up short one twenty two to one seventeen Chris. How impressed were you with those Houston Rockets last night and I was impressed was this is impressive? Skip bayless but I was impressed. Look at going there. Fourteen to one the clippers were at home to beat them like that. I think that was a good win. Pj Tucker her was the best defender on the floor. Did a great job on Kawhi held him to a nine eight points in the second half and Houston. Everybody is kind of Cliche. We now to say a dance only team is horrible. Defensively over the last month or so. They've been pretty good defensively and last night they showed you know we can buckle down. They need some some help from the clippers of course but forty eight points in the second. Half Right I'll give him credit for that. Here's the thing I hope the rockets learn and I think they need to learn skip. If they're gonNA beat team you think they can be it shouldn't it doesn't have to be all harden all the time it doesn't he's he's averaging thirty eight points russes average twenty three. I would like that to be about thirty. Three and twenty six or even lower for both of 'em when Heir Gordon gets back he's giving you seventeen sixteen nineteen eighty whatever because you need balance and I know last night Russ was unusually good with forty. But they don't need James Harden scoring thirty eight points. You're not GonNa win a championship. The most points player has ever average in the regular season and won. The title is thirty. Two point six s Michael Jordan that was his fourth highest score born season of his career right. We'll was fifty forty four thirty eight. He wasn't winning and so I I just don't Mark Johnston. We were talking to him yesterday on our radio L.. Show dot couple with Rob Parker and Marcus. Johnson said this he said his second year in the League with the bucks you remember. He was a great player. Five Time All star he averaged twenty six points Don Nelson winter him before the next season saying look we need you to bring twenty six to twenty and he did he. Average twenty one that year they went from thirty eight wins no playoffs to forty nine in the playoffs. The next year he brings it down to twenty they win sixty and lose the DR J. in the sixers in a tough tough seven game playoff series so my point is sometimes less is more now. I know you've got the branding and you've got your sneakers in you know you. You're a superstar Dr. So it's hard to say me. I could average thirty eight and be the highest ended up with a real fire. I could could average thirty two and maybe so but that's what I hope they learn. Because that's what I think. They need Chris. Bizarre disc. Betas has told me this might be the greatest defensive team that's ever been assemble. They got pat billboard ball they got the two wing defenders. This has got to people. I'VE HEARD NFL fix. This has got it and Michael Jordan. Two Point Oh and I've seen these teams play three times as hard in the WESTBROOK got at least thirty seven all three games. Now I need. I didn't know what isn't happening. I what do we call James Harden. ooh What do we call to what he might be the Betas own bowl to finish the Michael Jordan. I just need to know why he took out. That's a question about to what they're not putting Hawaii on the best. ooh Oh beverly is good too. Yeah and Paul George. They got some good defenders. But why are they hiding. It has its December kimber. That's not even two. Oh this must don't wait for March April and definitely wait for May and June. Aw I'll play well. We don't play the Bat. The better question is Lebron going to be able to play the rate easy. Those new balances because I got a guy that could write you a prescription gotTa have actually wore last night or pretty hot. We've been able the Hebron. I wear them again folding. They'll look what the rocket show me. I mean being down I mean what forty six forty sixty five at the at the half and they go on a forty to eleven run alleged we know they have firepower. James Harden struggling in the first half Roth had russ w up in the first half only shots almost almost doubled him up for the entirety of the game so he turned James Harden and for James Harden. They could see anything you see. What Paul Paul Chris Paul game there? I'm not going to even get job. Oh but Carmelo. The only time that he's taken a back seat that we've seen is Russ Rogo here. Is your night tonight Bro. I do. You're paying KOMO facilitate for everybody. Keep everybody happy they got firepower. And if you get this counterproductive you're going to get six guys that scoring double fit the woods. Six going double double figures. They got eighteen off the bench now a lot of vets give you talked about early Louis. I'm getting getting getting thrown out of the ball game and it seemed like it took all the air out of the building because they had to go on in the first half Paul Jordan in Kuwa- was taken her Paul. George Okay Boom Boom. Let me three go CA. Why you know why dot Gov speed up? He'd be you know if quiet quiet is going about his business just do it his old thing and also wins finals. MVP All and all of a sudden. He's they pointed a second Avenue Avenue. Lose that's what happens now. You let Lebron James The broad you had it going in the first half. Why would Lebron duty you? You know what I noticed this man quit on your team. You'll team has to be special. Can you look at the Spurs. There are shallow themselves he left for dead. Yes you you. You came for the man. I can't believe you hold you. I forgive but I don't forget though you. He quit on Martine. Live your team for day. Does he was my favorite player. Five years I- raved and raved about it and I'm back. I'm okay because he's going to be your little so I got two takeaways takeaways from last night number one is Chris. Paul and James Harden did not fit Russ and James Harden are like that and because they basically grew up together in southern California and their their level of trust and respect and admiration run so deep they will let each other get away way with things that they wouldn't let any other human get away with last night they just jumped all over James and said you can't have this and it wasn't that he was called he just said okay. Russ you go in Russ went and went and went all night long to forty points in like thirty one shots to sixteen or are you kidding me. James Harden Sabah. He Made Sixteen in five of eleven threes. That's pretty great. Yeah I saw. It wasn't like he had a cold hand. He just saying. Look if that's what do do it this way. We'll play your way clippers and watch what happens but to your point Lou. Williams is the closer for the clippers. It's not why it's not Paul. George they have both come up small in closing moments in their careers. Paul George Against Lebron repeatedly and Kurai in moments such as the twenty thirteen game six at the finals when he missed a crucial late free throw he was not the spurs closer. The point is Lou Williams had to be there. This was their game at home to be you want and Lou Williams does not get ejected from games. This was only the second time he got ejected and he got into it with Cain Fitzgerald world. And we don't have time to run this but Chris Webber heard that he was sitting. TNT right there courtside and he said Liu was furious because he said McCain Fitzgerald spoke to him in ways that nobody is going to be allowed to speak to him and that Lewis Yellen back. You can't speak to me that way. I'm a man I it did not speak to you that way. So what did CAIN Fitzgerald. Do and twenty seventeen. He had Lebron James for the only time in his whole career. So think about this Lewis has played a thousand twenty two. NBA Games and he's been injected twice and last night was one and it costs them. That Game Lebron's been injected one time and one thousand in four hundred sixty six NBA games and it was by the same guy. You talk about a quick trigger boom okay so that was basically a game. People don't pay eighty three full-time Bingo. Thank you very much. And you are right like Lou Williams could be an all star this year. He's he's been that big COO. ooh They.

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