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Sixty two degrees light thunderstorms and rain at eleven o'clock good evening i'm terry mccreadie a white house official is accused of making a derogatory remark about arizona senator john mccain brian shook reports the hill reports that white house special assistant kelly sadler was discussing mccain's opposition to the president's nominee for c i a director when she said it doesn't matter he's dying anyway to sources tell the paper that they believed it was meant as a joke but it made them uncomfortable mccain was diagnosed with brain cancer last summer and has not been in the nation's capital since late last year the hill says the white house has not denied the report brian shook nbc news radio president trump is cheering on republicans ahead of the november midterm elections holding a rally in indiana earlier tonight trump railed against democrats they want to raise your taxes and your tax cuts they wanna have open borders were ruined flies into our country he again warned supporters about complacency and said great progress could be lost if democrats regained control of congress in november's midterm elections trump accused democrats of plotting higher taxes twenty one year old ronald williams is being held without bail after being arraigned on assault and rape charges james flippin has more on his pleading not guilty in the violent queens attack prosecutors say williams came clean and cop to the crime after being arrested in south carolina allegedly telling officers in response to allegations he had brutally beaten a fifty two year old queens woman that he pushed her down the stairs wasn't going to raipur but that he gets angry and blacks out sometimes williams defense attorney says the confession was invalid and that he needs a psychological evaluation the crime has gripped the neighborhood of q gardens since it happened april thirtieth early in the morning because i knew all the police was ali so that's my will come out and come back in house as you're saying williams's next do in bronx court on a probation charge james flippin for seven ten w oh are suspected golden state killer joseph james diangelo is facing four additional counts of first degree murder charges were announced earlier today by santa barbara county district attorney joyce dudley dudley refused to provide details on the crimes a town in westchester county.

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