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Also today in the investigation reported attack on the empire's star jussie smollet CBS news reports the two brothers questioned last week by Chicago police detectives walked into the grand jury room at the Cook County courthouses afternoon. The attorney was later seen leaving the room report. Suggesting the brothers told police smollet pay them to stage. What do you call it a racist and anti-gay attack last month the actor has denied? That leaders in Aurora. Are speaking this hour about the investigation into the shooting rampage last week that left five people dead and five police officers wounded after reports suggests that the gunman had his firearms owner ID card revoked, but never surrendered his guns. Kane county sheriff Ron Haines says he hopes to have a database of revoked Foyt cars set up in the next to the rest of the month. I think it's going to be prudent to to at least reach back three to six months and number one confirmed that the Floyd status is still revoked to those people and then moving forward, obviously, we'll we'll continue with this program live. Meanwhile, the first services for victims of the shooting are set for Wednesday. Investigators engineer was he a house fire. This morning was sparked by construction workers using a tool for an unusual purpose chief Mark on wake says crews were called to a home in the eight hundred block of forest avenue around nine o'clock were met at the scene by the car. Contractors were working on the site and said that they were pretty confident that they had accidentally started the fire using a contractor great blow toward nine weeks says the torch was into being used on the homes. New addition instead crews were using it to melt ice that had formed on newly poured concrete or not common that we have incidents that result in fire. Like, this you need to be extremely careful. No one was hurt and says the home suffered only minor damage Andy day, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM candidates and activists are again raising the call for public financing of political campaigns, and this time they focused their sights on city elections, Illinois common causes long fought for campaign finance reform. And now the group is brought several automatic candidates and others the city hall to call for an ordinance that could help establish public financing of campaigns Bushra Walla, a former candidate for the Cook County. Board says she couldn't raise enough money to realistically even have a chance of winning really individuals can't really make their Mark can't advocate for issues. Daycare care for message. This they stand for if they don't have the money or the resources to do. So. And I stand here alongside all the other candidates web signed onto this issue today because campaign finance reform is so necessary to Amira candidates support this effort, Paul Vallas was expected to attend the news conference, but couldn't make it at city hall, Craig Delamore, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. The case if a puppy stolen from Naperville pet. Shop is a happy and funny in English bulldog puppy was stolen in December from a pet land store in Naperville the day, the family who bought it as a Christmas surprise was planning to take it home. The dog was taken to Los Angeles. Where police there found the pup and reunited with its owners earlier this week Jason Saint Charles is the general manager of the pet shop as you would imagine in the beginning. We were not holding out a lot of hope that we would see it again. So we're just super thrilled that he's coming back. He's going to get the care that he needs because he's still a little puppy. Los angeles. Police have had some fun with this story on their Facebook page posting messages pretending to be from the puppy jokingly asking if the return home to snowy Illinois could be delayed a couple of days. So the pup could enjoy a little more, California, sunshine. Jim got us. News Radio on one zero five point nine FM. Boy the second year in a row, a strike by teachers across West Virginia has gotten results. Teachers celebrated in Charleston after state lawmakers voted to put off action indefinitely on a Bill that educator said was retaliation for a nine day statewide strike last year, the Bill.

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