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Is ESPN 1000 the new home of the White Sox? W M. V P. Chicago. Tell me the you elements went to Paul. That was sorry by Babe Ruth. Here? No, actually played with this massive plates. Are you one of those people that has to know how much the Babe Ruth ball is actually worth bringing back But it was side by faith. Whoa, Yeah. You keep telling me that Polish will keep it right here. Because today is your lucky day, don't you? The Black Watch the clouds. The Colossus of Clout, Baby, It's time for sports Collecting with Tom Morgan. Sponsored by E. R. C. Delivery, and Huggins and Scott Auctions. Damn! Go! That'd be Saturday morning. I'm Tom Morgan with Vince Cole. Many of year See delivery Bill Huggins of Huggins and scatter auction and are Producer Erica Stroh Ski this week. We're on every Saturday morning from 78 talking about collectible sports, collectible sports all kinds of stuff. Anything that it's her. Comes in wearing mine. Things like coming to tea crown during the week and we've got a fence. We've got Americana. Steve joined us as we could to have you back on the show they killed starts to hear. Isn't it amazing that somebody who's is into comic books and stamps and all that stuff? That was named Americana as a as a young child. That is amazing. 100 coincidental. Was that crazy, right? Great buildings. It's actually Americana in his last Davis. Steve, I think I thought on his birth certificate. That's the only thing I've ever done A man so very kind of Steve. You got a lot of comic books and the Huggins of Scatter auction. I know that for This summer action. More than we can count. Hundreds, maybe, of maybe maybe more than hundreds. I guess so. If anybody has a question about Americana items, this is a good week to call. 3123323776 No, don't forget. We'll be joined by Nancy Huggins and Jon Drummond at 7 20 for this week's Version of which ended higher. I messaged the national on Monday because I had heard rumors that they might actually it might actually be going and they got raped back to me and the organizer's of the national and they said. They'll be announcing in early June for sure whether it's a go in Rosemont to like 28th August 1st, but it's looking very good, so great that it get's They'll announce it for sure. And I'll say when it's for sure. It looks good to you, too, doesn't it? Bill? Yeah, sure does. And, gosh, I'm sure we'll see Vince there one day, at least, right? Yeah, Absolutely. Absolutely. There might be some rip city going out. E just wish I had more time. I'd like to go to every table and just see what they have talked to the people see what they're all about, and just have that interaction. You know, It's like having a busy, um This. We figured it out years ago for the National Convention if you got there The first days on you and your face for the last day. You didn't go to the bathroom. You didn't stop to talk to anybody couldn't eat anything Human at less than two minutes per table. Wow, that's awesome. I don't that stand up. Well, I got a couple of boats as you've missed so many weeks and you're falling behind in which ended higher. I have made a new executive rule bonus questions for you, too. This week. Okay. Thank you Won, I would term difficulty. One. I think you're you've got a very good times again. So let's appreciated the difficulty. One first. Okay? I just bought pretty much a full 1964 tops. White sacks team set because I've been because it together that set 1964 was a very good year. Absolutely. An amazing year. By the way, Yes. What? No. In their weight sex team set There's a white sacks picture picture down in 1964 tops card as a whites ex pitcher. Who ended up being an MBA Hall of Fame player. Can you name a Hall of Fame National Basketball Association? Player on N. B, a Hall of Famer that played on the 64 T mark. He was in the picture. It's two years or at least parts of two years for the white sacks. That was pretty good. He was tall. Really? Um, yeah. You know, I think it's very card was actually 1963. Yes, that is correct. So, Bill knows the answer. Thanks for the clue, Bill that still it doesn't help me. But And once again he was called One more clue, Tom Yes? All right. He played for the New York Knicks. I was going to give you that clue. Also, okay, That's the final clue. New York Mannix man. So he was on the championship team where they were not only sort of real Passing real team players and Phil Jackson on Will. Jackson was like the six and it's not Phil Jackson. Of course not Phil Jackson. He wasn't enough, you know, to get Go ahead. Go ahead. I was gonna say I think I'd get it in a multiple choice, but I just can't pick the name out of my Dave. The butcher. Oh, sure, boy shirt. I think I would have gotten that. Yeah, a multiple choice. I think you would have for sure. Like to get back to that place with multiple choice of two. I think I would have gotten the pressure or Pearl Monroe you go. Okay. Now, here's the one e Think because of fantasy, you're going to get this one. There are two players. Hide for the Major league baseball lead in Homer's name one of them right now, right now, and I just checked this morning. To see who they were. Oh, yeah, I know. I obviously haven't been doing much with fantasy this year. Um, I know Freeman. Freddie Freeman has 12, but I don't think that's enough. I think it's got to be more than that. Vlad Guerrero. Yes, thank you. That's one of them hit him, and I only said one because you probably would have never gotten the other one. A Dolans Garcia, Okay, they have 16. And then Otani in a coup. Nya have 15 or Chinese empathetic Jr. What a talent. That guy. He's a great athlete steals a lot of bases. Not only did I draft glad, junior, I thought he was gonna have a big year, but I picked up some of this stuff before the season. One thing I got. It was like an update on off was Cromer. Which card It was, but I thought I was getting a P s a 10 and it shows up live like all right, there was somebody here showed up on the sand around like that, all right. They look. It was a P ece aid and I looked back and in the listing there was something about 10. But I was looking at me like I snagged it without really looking throughout it, But I was. I thought he'd have a good year. This year. He's been killing. It is absolutely no doubt no doubt, so that's good. Now we have, I hope lurches like points. So I get points for class. You get a point for that one points. What am I going to live longer than three? Something? Yeah, and we've got we have to wake lurch up because we've got a caller here now we're way Scott in DeKalb is on the line. Thanks for calling Scott Bet. What do you have? Hey, Good morning to the army. Yes, we can. How are you? Hey, Alright. How are you? Good. Good. So a buddy of mine. He's down in Georgia. I saw him last week. He's got a Jordan rookie. That's great it in nine, but it was grated nine. Back in 92. That's okay. Okay, so he's got another guy thing. Yeah, well, it's changed a lot, but, um, then, yeah. Yeah, Some people might think it's better to be older, Grated. Some people might not, but you don't want to take a risk taking it out of there. I don't think quickly. That's right. But the Jordan rookies After the last dance went insanely high. Yeah, like tuh heights you wouldn't ever have even imagine, And they think they think it seems like they've they hit their peak and our inner have kind of gotten down there still higher than they were a couple years ago. And they're still great.

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