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And despite what you two will continually tell me, there's a chance. There's a chance that he's not the second coming of John away. I'm just saying Maybe this time because remember around this time last year we were talking about Courtland Sutton and not to be so wrong about it. I'd say just maybe maybe have a little faith. That's all that Brian says Tow n No, I'm I'm here for you guys at CM's. I'm smart. I realized that if I'm wrong You guys are happy. And then that means you have you need me. You need me to come on your show and be wrong about the next player. You draft, okay, irreplaceable at that point, and if I'm right Well, then I thought you guys a lesson and, you know, I'm going to continue to do that going forward. I can't win. I can't wait for that to happen for you. Yeah. One time. Just one time for you to be right. All right. Just a couple more questions for you. I'm going through the team preview that Steve Palazzolo put together and there was something that jumped out off the page. I was, I think a lot of Broncos fans Probably don't agree with and Azad high as they are on this team. This is one position group that they're probably down on the most. And that's the inside linebackers. But you guys and especially Steve at the end of this thing as he goes through and talks about the emergence of Alexander Johnson talks about how Todd Davis is one of most consistent linebackers in the league. Heck even had some nice thing to say about Josie Jule. At the end of this, Steve says. With Johnson's emergence and Davis's stability, the Broncos have one of the best linebacker units in the league. And like I said Broncos fans are like a lot of fan base is pretty high on almost every single player, every single position group. I'm sure you've heard heard it. But this is one position group where most Broncos fans have a little bit of a cringe. They don't they don't really Yes, I see the same thing to you agree with Steve's perspective on this. Well, you know, Steve has an interesting perspective first off because it comes from seven feet off the ground, and it's shrouded. Interestingly, Capt. Jerry Curl but s. Oh, my perspective is certainly different. But I don't disagree with him flat out. The reason for that is that I think sometimes we book at We look at the depth, and we overestimate how much that really matters and linebacker is a position where, OK, take out the Seattle Seahawks, who Just can't avoid keeping three of them on the field. At all times. You're seeing fewer and fewer linebacker's on the field. So when you look at this position group and you say, I really feel Rate about Alexander Johnson and we've talked about him. You know, many, many times when he didn't coverage And if you feel confident that he can cover that means a lot because you're not going to truck three guys out there that much. And when you do you know it's a big run. You know you're there to stop the run. And Josie Jule great. Well against the run, So, Yeah, I wouldn't be trotting them out there a lot because You know, If I sergeant, you'll come out on the field and I am a quarterback that has at least half of rain. I'm probably probably making a little switch. There will be attacking that, but but you know those air. Those are things that you could take advantage of it, and I think that's the point. That he's making work. Todd Davis is Is not. He's not going to be a sudden, but he at least isn't going to be a disaster. By any stretch. You know, he'll be a little baby kind of a consistent piece, and you're going to play two linebackers lot. You're going, You're going to play on my back. So that's why I think maybe there's more of a rose colored look from from the big guy, Steve pals all but I wouldn't I would not. I would not. I would not go Hey top linebacker unit Denver off to talk my head. That's not I'm not going back for no, and I don't think most Broncos fans are either And like I said, it's an interesting conversation. And maybe we'll do a little bit more of that when we get you on next week. Hey, George. Thanks for the time man really do appreciate it. I have great news for you. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, go check their linebackers. It hurts. Speaking of linebackers, though, programming know if you guys want to stick around for Broncos Country TV this week, we're going to have Alexander Johnson on with us. There you go. All right. Good stuff, George. We appreciate you. Any time you well, guys talk. Thank you, George. Hurry from pro football. Focus at Pff Underscore George, When we come back, we get to our bonus hours..

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