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Does but you don't by the way in the old days a protected them from mongolia absolutely right i think jerry for calling look if anybody cares about this the number is six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight right here in boston and several other cities these are the sanctuary cities does anybody care about this does anybody have concern that illegal aliens whether in boston whether in seattle whether an oakland whether in san francisco los angeles chicago any of those sanctuary cities the bottom line is they're undermining jobs from minorities as well as others who want these lower skill jobs they're undermining our country they're causing crime in some cases and you know when when when the other side says well look legal people commit crimes to that begs the question yet to stop importing illegals to stop those crimes that are being committed and obviously not all and not most of illegal aliens commit violent crimes it's a smaller number but you don't want to have any violent crimes from illegal aliens unfortunately we had to deal with oj simpson with his barbaric murder of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman we the that's he's a citizen he has to go through the process but we don't need to have illegal aliens here after add a one problem on top of another six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight nick and weymouth you're on the voice of boston w r k oh hello good afternoon mike here in massachusetts we certainly get us near last year in the district court disaccord so boston fellow from i believe africa faced the second bank or are convicted of two in a row okay so he was given a guilty found verdict which is sorta like pleading guilty you know by the way you going for geo this amount of time and maybe nestle eleven happen yeah well the judge gave him two hundred and sixty four days one shy of the magic to sixty five rented him handed over to ice okay this judged tactically get that okay we happened was within two weeks if you may recall reading about this he murdered brutally slashed the throats to doctors in the back bay or south bend the boston and he was clocked cetera that should never happen last week and here in weymouth woman got rate and was shot just wave he was from.

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