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Yeah, no, that's that's amazing. Thanks for sharing that great example of really elaborated your point on it. Now. I wanted to ask you to kind of questions that because focusing then like suctions for for our folks out there. Let's say common situations. I guess the first one was about, you know, how to interface with a large that's a hundred plus sales and success organization. Yeah, so that kind of just built back into the the experience. We just talked about so, you know successful be to be a company's you are dealing with a large sales organization at page of Duty when I was there we had you know, an excessive 200 reps. Um, and it's so easy to just be drowned by all the different tasks and these are you know, your colleagues that are just doing their jobs are trying to hit their quota and you know, get get get get their compensation and so on so you really do have to put structures in mechanisms in place so that you're not Drowned out by all these assets and so there's a couple of actionable things that that I would want to pass on to to the community right first. Make it make a proactive and and make it predictable. So what I would what I've always encourages have some sort of monthly demo or enablement session where you're going out to the sales to your sales colleagues and saying hey, this is what's new. This is what's this is what's coming you're not waiting for them to to bombard you with all these statistic asks, you're you're going out and saying this is what we're we're actually up to you can even do a look ahead. You know, this is what's coming next next quarter and so on and what that does is if you think it it gives them a constant stream of information that they can take back to their customers or their prospects and say hey, this is what's new. This is what's exciting about about the product but it also kind of odd, you know in an inverse sense tells them what you're not going to do because hey, this is what we're working on..

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