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And know that not sure how new it is but i know that steve isaacs has shown me a couple of things and not too far ber were big fans of have showed me things about you guys have some quest based learning kind of embedding they'll have say like threats or routes or whatever might be branching and so we're big fans of doctor haskell haskell and quest based learning and how have you incorporated that aspect into class graft hey i think that alternately like an insert of riff off of chama saying is that we really believe that the teacher is kind of their own mini entrepeneurship classroom when they should be able to you know set it up way too they want to and so really is a set of tools it's like a toolbox of gaming that you can apply classroom and so when you think about how does that apply to curriculum which was kind of conversation internally it's like that has to become sort of this tuesday on adventure sort of experience and so what we're doing really is it's quest is a personalized learning authoring tool teachers can create their own personalized learning tracks starts differentiating based on a student's level of mastery and they can take their existing lessons they've got and then just sort of bring them into the quest engine and then start mapping the lessons together what's cool for us is that we start taking narrative and wrapping it around that's right and so so then like a grade six math module isn't like here's some stuff and we're gonna go through it it this is the new quest asserts this week you got into this valley and now there's this cast sel and there's these people that are like locked up in this dungeon and the way they do that as you do so then you go through the hand in this stuff and and you're getting points for hitting things on time or whatever and then the teacher decides did they master it or not yes or no and then based on now a different door will open so if you if you got it you go the advance thing you're racing through the mountains with the prisoners escaping the bag is and if you didn't then you're in the woods recruiting bandits and so it kind of changes a story what's interesting is that in games there's this concept called the fog of war and so you don't see anything other than what you've been able to see within eyesight and so we use that from the student sign so from the teachers this map with all these different with the student is only seen what they've on long and so there's no stigma about like i'm on the remedial path and now i gotta do all this extra homework and feels terrible it's no my story brought me into the woods and there's bad it's like okay cool what happens next let's keep going and so i mean yeah dressing motivation on a bunch of different levels like all the storytelling stuff is really key and we're really keen to go deeper into that this year and i think that that's why we've binge watch tv shows that's why we play games on our phones that's why and that's what schools should feel like it's like i wanna keep going keep going on and keep going yeah so so if if i i just just may may to that one of the things that we've just been were announcing it right now for a st we just lost quest marketplace so teachers are creating these quest lines these storylines this curriculum it's all standard align they can push it now to this like netflix type of experiencing so you can discover search other teachers quests and build them into your yeah you can you can bring them in and you can change them remakes them republish them so it's very collaborative like approach to like basically the world's first you know open education gaming fide curriculum store has and just we ran really fast able to launch for is seeing what you've just launch it in the last few days and there's already two hundred quest have been submitted by teachers steve isaacs we do of course of the month and so he was the first one and we drew him into now now as is a so so actually speaking of quests i someone told me once so i'm i played well through like all of my college save okay so so.

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