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A little he was saying that this anybody gets flyer they don't get fired like donald trump fire steeple he says we try to work with them they know what a year ahead of time what they're supposed to accomplish and if they can accomplish it the bottom twenty five percent who are not well to the business of building a business he constantly replenishes a you don't you don't agree with that oh tell me why i take uh i think first of all you always stack wreck your people you can work in the bottom ten percent or fifteen percent but you try to salvage their ball costing you do not have a ruthless culture with somebody is working with you for twenty years as a wife with three kids any dole uh uh you don't motivate them out of fear i think jack welch motivated people out of fear not the joy of success and what's indicative of the business jack welch billed as i was just in dayton ohio and i would by the place where they built a gen jet engines that gravel this is and it's a active factory the parking lot was not paved they had boarded up windows their little tubes on top of the things that even pick g e what do you think those people are doing they're fudging their numbers of make they're fudging themselves to make those numbers in me driving along the street american citizen looking one of the best burt companies seed something like that do you think i had a bad view of american general motors if you don't get enough of your factor the painted the outside i'd be feeling the emphasized x i know people in real estate several people in realestate they deal with general electric and their notorious the credit company at the eleventh hour they'll renegotiate the deal shake your hands they'll renegotiating i do not respect general electric and i'll come on record i have i have written the column about it does not respect that ruthless culture a fear center off by motivating motivating people fear is just a short term motivator jeff immelt and find out what's the story there because your copy of my letter i would love to see it loved to see it folks boy were getting some great perspective here our guest today general electric i had a.

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