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You throw a flag. The thing that i kept thinking about those seeing anthony smith after the fight and seeing his emotion and seeing that he had actual anger. Does that affect you in a fight when a guy like ryan span talks about you in a guy like ryan span makes it personal. Can't you get amped up or or can you forget your game plan or is it hard to actually focus and execute that way and then when you do execute do you feel the right to get in their face and let them know about well. It's real. it's so real in regards to do motion now for me. I always saw better. When i didn't try to let the emotions get you deep into a fight because with jones was bad but anthony smith was well within his right and ryan. You talked about the nfl talking room bro. It's crazy but it's not even just hey ryan. These dudes can't celebrate digging ryan my ten year old son. I let him watch the old school video game. We always play with. Y'all could dance all right. My ten year old son has gotten his team fifteen in two weeks yard because they celebrate like if you would right out there dancing because that's what football is supposed to be it is today. It's crazy how strict they are in regard top people acting. I'm glad that the ufc doesn't try to fall in line and penalize a guy for being a motion like anthony. Smith was mon- saturday night but honestly the emotion comes from not only winning the guy that you don't like but if you go back in rwanda year anthony. Smith was avid some real trouble. Not only inside. The octagon would is fighting but just truly trying to understand where his career was golan right so let's take it back a year. See and this is what anthony smith had to say after he lost to alexander records. I don't know..

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