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Same sort of thing. Look at what point Do we think that it's okay for the government to step in and say We want you to do things the way that we want you to do them? Well, we're going to take the money away. No. I said that I hate slippery slopes on this show, but this one feels like I don't know this summit plummet of slippery slopes. Santos has threatened to cut federal money from state schools that they don't score well on these surveys. How do you feel? About that. How do you feel about the state government giving money to colleges only. If they teach what they want them to teach. How involved should the governor in his office be involved in setting the standard of Education in this state and threatening to take state funding away. Santa's has railed against censorship from big tech, by the way, something that I support He signed a bill last week. But wouldn't this type of thing be just as egregious for Governor Ron de Santas to do Google and Facebook or private companies? In theory, they can do what they want with their platforms. Have I agree with everything that they've done? No. This is a government agency. Pressuring public universities to teach what they want, how they want. More they will pull their funding. Keep in mind that funding by the way. Is our tax dollars. That's my money. That's your money. It's Joe's money. It's akin's money. And I don't know about you, but I don't agree with all the politics that our governor has. I disagree sometimes as I do right here. I think as you look more and more at the pressures that govern Iran, de Santis is applying here. I'm not ready to openly call this fascism. We're walking pretty close to it when you are saying Hey, University College. If you're not educating kids, the way we want you to educate them. This is not a standard of education. This is a kind of education. Going to pull your funding. I think it's very, very close to a dangerous area that Governor Ron de Santis is approaching. What do you think? 84458? Oh, 93 to 6 is the number that's 84458093268445809326 is the number you can also hit us up. Open mic in the W V bof. You here are.

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