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And always brought to you by Our Lady of lakes heart and vascular institute, the official healthcare provider of LSU athletics. Couple of good staff defensively Tigers. Turn the ball over ole miss. Make some pay builds up a six point lead their largest first-half. But then some stops back back for LSU steals in their own rights may have a chance now to make it a one point ball imparting a turnover to a layup are possible three point. Now, another key stat the reason we flows this good defensive stops. But they're all for five from the three their last five attempts. They went in this four made three in a row, Mr. last five three for twelve now from the three LB important staff to watch the bell Biggby Williams steps to the line of the pig. Guy converts on the an one he now has seven points tonight. So off to a good start after going scoreless Saturday against Arkansas. Ole miss in the front court lease by one twenty two nineteen twenty seven Gulf flock moving firsthand driving with it. Diarrhea had the ball stripped loose. It's out of bounds. Last touch off. The Tigers that'll stay ole miss basketball. Daggers had committed seventeen fouls as have the rebel teams will be in the one in one the rest of the way out here. Still time left in the first stanza seven twenty two inbounded comes to Tyree. He'll track it down. Get it. The Hinson work it right side. Again, Rian tire. Either junior spins around the defender Marlin Taylor, though, pixie backup forces the throw out top Alani Jack underneath hook over the top opaque, your Williams. Twenty two nineteen they'd be way of leading get way to beat him almost under the rim. He needs to get over him. When he's in the paint. Waters work, you a scholar. Maze. Marlin Taylor Nausori cabal pygmy Williams. Ray just awful up locks benzine against Sola knee. Jack puts up a left handed job. Got off the glass too hard Olympic Jack with the rebound owners will take mutation six forty two and pounding first-hand. Nice ruled by Nasreen right to ram just missed it. Siree off the screen working against Taylor drives him in right side. Pull up. Able to paddle and put up the fadeaway. It's twenty four nineteen tough shot by Brian Tyree. Official miss Todd Malikov at our bench also made three ball left wing is good Schuyler able to quiet the crowd momentarily cut the lead to two twenty four twenty two big time three point shot at the junior out of Baton Rouge. We need water maze to step up here and carries through the half. Check high post quickly passes off the Hinson Hinson little given go go. Jam. It was a huge block about big. He Williams took the ball out of the year. Put the man Hinson on his back on heard ball slept from over here. He blocked it so claim. Wow. What a play. Zada bounds after the block last touch off picky, William soul. Miss and get it back. Ed bounds. It calms. Here's a three airball over the rim shots. Tim by Hinson? Born not a good possession that time Tigers trying to throw over the top of the defense quick. They gotta be deflected by all neat Jack rebels take back possession. Here's a steel Nasreen knocks at three but ended the VIP seats farside courtside. It'll stay with ole miss risky pass there in this. This time of the game with us down to maybe maybe get it up and run something we've been pretty good in the half court water walk by cappella Williams that one should be sportscenter highlight. Not many times you take the ball and the player down that claim inbounds. It comes out top working against maze. Passover on the right side. DC? David speeds in Olin HA left block ball strip. Loose by waters, bounds off only Jack's leg. Now. It'll be LSU basketball. Nice. Help defense pretty good host of defense by Nausori down there and then waters with those quick hands. Good is able to knock it reinforced the turnover. Devante smart Jackson for LSU. Now. He's got two personal fouls. Picked him up very quickly. After coming off the bench for coach will wait again. Both teams was seventeen thousand we've got five twenty three to go in the first half. It's an old mess. Two point lead. Twenty four twenty two waters goes in floater sort off the front of the ram devel- big way. Trying to come around Alani. Jack going be whistled for too much grabbing he'll pick up the personal foul to give it back ole miss. Williams is really hustling. Now, he's playing his heart out. I like what he's doing too bad. They call that file audience that you would not even worry about. So that will be the eighteenth foul will put all the knee check at the line. In the junior out of Poland transferred into Oxford from Drake university, where he started his career had six points do blocks in the win over Mississippi State this past Saturday's averaged over eight points per game in the last nine and he puts that free throw up on in seventy five percent free throw shooter pretty good-looking stroke that time it's twenty five twenty two. I just looked down in and Garrett temple.

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