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MLS number one six six two five four rates and terms subject to change daily without notice they are equal housing lenders made eighty should do it with a mix of clouds and sunshine good looking after him but after staying above normal by six degrees tonight slight chance of a shower mid seventies cold front on the March doesn't get here tomorrow but I've had a shower thunderstorm threat fifty percent chance middle eighties the showers and thunderstorms will end tomorrow evening the front does go through and head south of us assuring and cooler drier air Thursday a few clouds and sunshine highs in the upper sixties overnight lows in the upper forties with updates around the clock on suffered a severe weather station the weather channel's restated on newsradio six ten W. I. O. D. sponsored by publishers clearing house this is the last chancellor can just days publishers clearing house will award five thousand dollars a week forever you could win five thousand dollars a week for your life plus after that five thousand dollars a week for life for someone you choose enter a P. C. H. dot com now it was due to twenty five no purchase necessary void where prohibited Brian Maggio is on newsradio six ten W. I. O. D. I run an agency for the city that is inherently a business in customer service is a significant por part of it and I don't want there to ever be an accusation from this body here nor from the mayor himself that we're not open and honest and and four front in terms of how we're disseminating information the truth and how we disclose process sees and that that is the new manager in the city of Miami art Noriega.

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