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I'm sure he's going to be great, and I'm sure ratio on Rhonda who's played well in his last two stops Chicago rollers will be good, but come on those young players. They've never played in a pressure game and remember something else about LeBron last year he played eighty two games and that got Cleveland fifty wins in the Eastern Conference. He gonna play two games this year out west. I don't know. Maybe he will, but I don't know about fifty wins for this Laker team in the Western Conference. I don't know. You can still be surprised of the league and not be a championship contender. And I think that's where LeBron is probably placed in somewhere between, oh, I don't know really strong second round showing in the playoffs and maybe a Western Conference finals appearance that's about it. And it's not something he's really gonna brag about before the season starts. Over making excuses already. LeBron the best while you're in the history of basketball, make an excuse is holding hand the teammates do talking. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Excuse making. Are people being harmed Dwight Howard attend to evolve this game? Probably the most shocking piece of information I read today, that Dwight Howard is thirty two years old. The second most shocking thing I heard is that he still wants to play until he's forty. The interesting thing about Dwight Howard in the new portion of this conversation because it feels like we've been talking about Dwight Howard declined for years is that he's trying to actually change his game to fit into today's NBA and he'll tell you, and it makes perfect sense when he first got in the league, he was playing against the Shaquille O'Neal's. The allows mornings, Jermaine O'Neal and it was more of a low post game. Now with due time he has tried to evolve his game. We might actually see him taking shots outside of the paint. We might actually see them just run the floor harder dive on, pick and rolls without having to beg for the ball in the post. He's working with these two new trainers since last spring. And now you've got a situation where here's a guy who late last season which by the way he played eighty one games in the only game he missed was due to a suspension. He had a thirty. Thirty game last year late in the season for the Hornets. I'm actually starting to believe that Dwight Howard is three percent. Body fat might actually make the wizards a contender in the Eastern Conference. The latest success for the NBA star is a personal trainer who's making promises that his client just cannot keep. Why are you talking about Kevin Durant? You're not gonna be crossing anybody over from thirty feet out and he didn't go pull up three in front of LeBron's, James, Anthony Davis. That's kind of the new wave. Big man twice. Howard last season folks played eighty one games six and a half points, twelve and a half rebounds per game. That's what he needs to focus on. Just being guide that runs the court grant. Rebounds gets easy basket. You're not going to be that. I give you credit for trying to evolve a little bit, but just be what you are. You always put a fig numbers and you know what? Here's another thing, just be a better team mate. That might help too. By the way, this was an historian, the Washington Post, and my favorite quote or my second favorite quote, and it was what you just said. He's going to be a combination of Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant, but his version. Sure. I think that this is great. You know, he, you know, he gets rebounds, put a few points on the board. They'll send play for the heat. How worried should the Steelers? Big, Ben concotion big band is thirty. Six years old feels like he's been the league as long as Dwight Howard has and had a concussion in practice, which wasn't this sort of blindside hit. Wasn't this big collision just had a concussion in practice. And so if I'm Ben Rothlisberger, I'm worried about my long term health of course, and he has said in the past that his career decision to retire, we'll be based in part on the long term health that obviously is in peril when you play football. I've seen enough documentaries. I've seen in films. I've seen enough of these situations where you see former NFL players, former football players in serious physical conditions in their fifties and sixties, and it's horrible to watch..

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