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So today we are talking about coating workshops and i think it was a tweet that i saw recently where there was a photo of you and handful of people think is eighty six people and it looked like they were at your dining room table yes mamie that's right and then doing a workshop tell us about that well once a month a bunch of women come to my house and we meet up in we talk code just discuss coating in general were all pretty much new to coding some of us may have been maybe a year or two some people just a few months into coding so it's just like minded people we get together once a month so this month in particular i decided would you guys like me to show you amazon web services in how to spin up instance running wordpress and everybody said yes so i grabbed my project her and we what you have a projector like in your high do yes i do that's all and i told everybody to sign up for a free account and we started from there so we spun up the instance we took a quick tour around the aws interface this was their first time ssh ing into a lennox server installing you know using app get all of these commands using the im them i don't believe i said behind it was a big first for everyone at the table and i was just so happy to share something that i love a systems administrator ideal in lennox every day to be able to share that with people who may someday need to take a tour around a command line was it was refreshing it was really nice so what was the structure of the workshop did you have a a curriculum or were you following detoro or how did you did you plan it i was reading.

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