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Enjoy a tv series or something that dorito or a game that doritos had funded that's a motto working on and it's a model where integrates merchandise and your media into one giant experience which is nuts which is and it's it's the whole thing is what you guys are doing and other people trying to like because we thought about it the first thing when we started talking about where play stuff or even any kind of wearing google glasses made it they tried to make a big splash that went south really fast it just didn't seem to do anything but there's other stuff coming and this is going to be i mean the reality is this is where we're going nowadays we're hearing about tattoos that are going to be able to do and what i'm excited about is where we wanted it was all about building communities again technologies nice later people by buddy and he said he just bought his daughter and i pat and he was kind of sad because now he just goes by she's in a room alone playing a game by herself we said let's bring people together again let's find a way to use technology to get multiple groups of people gathering participating with each other in in real time not just alone you know behind a computer screen or even just with their mobile device that was one of our main things and with all this privacy brands do want to sell us things why don't we put it backwards why don't we put the bait and say look you like this tv series you like this entertainment thing it's in this brand if you like it they'll get it why don't have to profile you like facebook does.

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